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Deserts exist on less than 25 cm of precipitation a year. The average precipitation in Antarctica is 16.6 cm per year. By that definition Antarctica is a desert.

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Is the Antarctica a tundra or desert?

Antarctica is a tundra remember a tundra is a place that is treeless or plantlessAnother AnswerAntarctica is a desert. Tundra is biome classification that does not apply to Antarctica.

Is Antarctica a tundra or prairie?

Antarctica is polar. It is a desert. It is not tundra, nor is it a prairie.

Why is antarctica a frozen desert and not a tundra?

Antarctica is by encyclopedia definition a polar desert.

Is Antarctica a desert and tundra?


Which type of desert are Siberia and Antarctica?

Siberia is not a desert. It is composed of taiga and tundra. Antarctica is a cold winter or polar desert.

Is Antarctica best described as a tundra or desert?

Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth, a polar desert.

Much of Antarctica is considered what type of biome desert forest grassland tundra?

Most of Antarctica is a desert, although the Antarctic Peninsula does have some characteristics of a polar tundra.

Is there permafrost in a semiarid desert?

Only Antarctica or the tundra would have permafrost.

4 countries that are in the Antarctica tundra zone?

There are no countries in Antarctica. The continent is considered a desert, with a small tundra zone. There is tundra zone on some sub-Antarctic islands. You can read more, below.

Much of Antarctica is considered what type of biome is it tundra desert forests or grasslands?

Believe it or not, with all of that frozen water around, Antarctica is considered to be desert.

Is antarctica part of the Tundra?

There is tundra in Antarctica.

What deserts are in the Arctic and Antarctica regions?

Only Antarctica is a true desert. Most of the Arctic is seasonal sea ice and those few areas of land are mostly considered as tundra.Only Antarctica is a true desert. Most of the Arctic is seasonal sea ice and those few areas of land are mostly considered as tundra.

Do humans live in Alaska's arctic desert?

Actually, Alaska has a lot of tundra in the northern part of the state but this is a distinct biome and not a true desert. Antarctica is a true desert however. People do live in the Arctic Tundra, however.

Does Antarctica have tundra?

If you believe that tundra is of two types: Arctic and Alpine, then, no. There is no tundra in Antarctica.

What is the name of the desert in the Arctic?

The Arctic has tundra and sea ice but no true deserts. However, almost all of Antarctica is considered a desert.

Is the Arctic desert the coldest biome?

There is no 'Arctic Desert.' The Arctic is primarily sea ice with some land areas of tundra. While tundra shares some characterisitcs with the desert, it is a different biome. Antarctica, however, is true desert and the coldest biome on earth.

Why is the Arctic considered a desert?

The Arctic is not considered a desert. Most of the Arctic is frozen sea ice and those parts that are on land are tundra, not desert. On the other hand, Antarctica is considered a desert.

Why are there no tundra in Antarctica?

It's too cold for tundra in Antarctica; there are no plants that can survive the cold to develop into tundra.

What is an example of tundra?

An example of a tundra is Antarctica. Tundra means a large treeless area. Antarctica has no trees at all.

How hot it is in the tundra desert?

The tundra and the desert are two distinct biomes. There is no 'tundra desert.'

Is Antarctica the only ice desert?

Yes, the Antarctic Desert is a true ice (or polar) desert. Those parts of the Arctic that occur on land are better described as tundra. Much of the Arctic is either open sea or frozen sea ice.

How does the Tundra compare with the Desert?

Tundra is cold and the desert is hot

Is antarctica a hot or cold desert?

Antarctica is a cold desert, a very cold desert.

What is the latitude and longitude of the tundra?

The Alaskan tundra, or the antarctica tundra? Please specifiy.

On which continent is the Arctic Desert?

Most scientists do not recognize an Arctic Desert. The Arctic consists mostly of sea ice or areas of tundra - a distinct biome that differed from a desert. Antarctica, however, is recognized as a true polar desert.