Is Antarctica the driest place on earth?

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No. It is the driest continent. Average humidity is about five


Antarctica is the coldest, highest and driest continent on the

planet, it also occupies 10% of the earth's surface.

The dry valley region in Antarctica is one of the driest places

on earth. The Attacama Desert is recognized as the driest place on

earth. Parts of the Attacama Desert haven't received rainfall in

over 400 years.

Answer 2:

No. Though certain portions of central Antarctica are very dry,

The Atacama Desert in Chile is recognized as the driest place on

Earth by NASA and many other agencies. I receives an average of 0.1

millimeters (0.04 inches) of rain a year. According to studies the

Atacama desert has not received any significant rainfall since 1540

and some regions have not received significant rainfall in 120,000

years! The only significant moisture in this region comes from fog

that sometimes rolls in from the Pacific Ocean and sustains some

algaes at higher altitudes.

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