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Male. Barney is a nickname for Bernard. There was a famous racing driver in the old days known as Barney Oldfield. Barney Google was a comic-strip jockey and the subject of a very popular song that must have been circulated in Movie Houses or Radio as everybody knew the Lyrics. By the way the story goes then Defense Minister Benito Mussolini (banned) the Barney Google comic strip on the grounds it was poking fun at the Italian Royal family- King Victor Emmanuel who needed something like a Pullman foot block to mount a horse, and his statuesque wife Queen Marie Elena. naturally King Victor approved of the Ban!

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Q: Is Barney the dinosaur a male or female?
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Is a dinosaur male or female?

There were both male and female dinosaurs.

Is Barney a dinosaur or an elephant?

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination...

How can you tell if a dinosaur is male or female?

you look under their tail or the male will have male genitalia and the female wont!!

Who is more annoying Spongebob or Barney the Dinosaur?

Barney the dinosaur

Who is known as the purple dinosaur?

Barney is the purple dinosaur from the popular children's TV programme: "Barney" "Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination"

What is the sexual orientation of Barney the dinosaur?

sexuality was not written into the character of Barney The Dinosaur.

Is Barney an elephant or a dinosaur?

Barney is obviously a dinosaur. it says in the opening song

Is Barney a dragon or dinosaur?


What is the real name of Barney?

"Barney the Dinosaur " .

What is barney?

Barney is a purple dinosaur

What is California's state dinosaur?

Barney the Dinosaur

What is bigger in weight a male dinosaur or female dinosaur?

A MALE BECAUSE A DARN THIS CAPSLOCK IS ON AND NOW as i was saying a male is way bigger and eats alot more

What does the name Barney mean?

barney= purple dinosaur

Who is more famous chewbacca or Barney the dinosaur?


How can you tell difference between a male dinosaur bichir and a female dinosaur bichirs?

The male bichir has a broader penus fin than the female. The females are mainly larger in size than the males.

Has Barney the dinosaur ever been fired?

Barney the Dinosaur has been going strong since 1992

Who is more famous Barney the dinosaur or Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber as even I don't no Barney the Dinosaur.

Was Barney unemployed?

It depends on which Barney. Barney Rubble had a job. Barney the Dinosaur had a job. Barney Fife was a deputy.

What is a female dinosaur?

A female dinosaur is a dinosaur.

What organisms cause polio?

GAGE RIDIN his purple dinosaur BARNEY!!!!!!! =) GAGE RIDIN his purple dinosaur BARNEY!!!!!!! =)

Was Barney the dinosaur born in glendora ca?

Barney, TV Dinosaur Born: 1987 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

What species of dinosaur is Barney?

Barney is no dinosaur, he is human just like Fred Flintstone. No, seriously, "Barney the Dinosaur is a purple and green Tyrannosaurus Rex" according to Wikipedia. That should explain his eerie demeanor.

Do female dinosaurs kill male dinosaurs?

It depends what dinosaur and if the female was defending her nest etc, etc.

Is Barney the dinosaur really in jail?

Neither Barney the Purple Dinosaur nor his human alter ego are in jail. This was a rumor.

Who is more famous worldwide chewbacca or Barney the dinosaur?

Worldwide is definitely Chewbacca. Barney the Dinosaur is only known in the USA