Is Berne University accredited?

Berne University was originally intended to provide an alternate to attaining an graduate degree without having to regularly attend at university campus. It was actually a wonderful idea, because it included the physical attendance of a semester in the West Indies, while having a mentor at a major university at your home location. All of whom had to be accepted by the University. I do not know who wrote the prior information, but it sounds like someone who had an axe to grind. When one thinks that University of Phoenix and the like are accredited without requiring any physical attendance it is not so strange. I think Berne was ahead of its time and traditionalists might not have been quite ready for it. The University has since changed ownership and name. Those who earned degrees from Berne were required to fulfill all of their class curriculum (not a mill by any means) and have written dissertations in the traditional manner and only accepted with APA standards. If, on the other hand you mean university of Bern, the Swiss capital, it's one of the big,established universities of Switzerland. With about 10,000 Students ( my estimate). In 1905 Albert Einstein accomplished his work about the photoelectric effect to get habilitation at the University of Berne (Switzerland). This work was later awarded the Nobel Prize.

If it's this University you meant, yes, it's accredited. But there are several departments... as everywhere, some of them are more famous than some others.