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Chicago is NOT located on a bay (which is off a large body of water) but on a lake ... Lake Michigan to be exact.I can verify that as I have been to Chicago, and yes it is adjacent to Lake Michigan and the River Chicago runs into it


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Chicago is not located on a bay. You know for sure because there are no natural bays in Lake Michigan

Chicago is not located on a bay. There are no natural bays in Lake Michigan

No, Chicago, IL is not located on a bay. A bay is a smaller body of water which is separated by the main body of water because it is surrounded by land on three sides. The shoreline at Chicago is directly on Lake Michigan.

Springfield, IL is not located on a bay. It is located in central Illinois on the banks of Lake Springfield.

No. Because it is in the middle of Illinois. Springfield is pretty much surrounded by land.

Springfield, Illinois is NOT located on a bay because it is landlocked and the definition of a bay is "an inlet of the sea or other body of water usually smaller than a gulf".

Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is not on a bay. A bay by definition is a small body of water that is set off of a larger body of water.

Some areas for sure that I know of are South Texas I'm from here so that's how I know. I'm sure there are some areas in Chicago Illinois and Florida ,but exactly where in the states I'm not sure.

Don't know for sure, but probably the Sears Tower in Chicago. * I recently had to look this up for a research project. As of 2005 it was the Navy Pier in downtown Chicago.

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