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yes Chris Brown is going to press charges on Rihanna because they clout her in the car with him and he got a bloody noise and bruises

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Is Rihanna going out with Chris Brown?

No, Rihanna is not going out with Chris Brown.

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown still going out?

No, Rihanna and Chris Brown are not going out.No, they are not still going out.

Is Chris Brown and Rihanna going out and do they have a kid?

No, Chris Brown and Rihanna are not going out together and they do not have kids.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna get married?

No. They were going out and then Rihanna found out that Chris Brown cheated on her and then they had a fight.

Is Rihanna going out with 50 cent?

no rihanna is currently going out with chris brown

Who is chris brown going outwith?

He was going out with rihanna

Is rehainna going out with Chris Brown?

Yes... Rihanna is still dating Chris Brown

Are rihanna and Chris Brown related?

no................no...........that why they're going out

Is Rihanna going to get back together with Chris Brown?

No she is not, Rihanna has moved on. Rihanna now has a new boyfriend named Matt Kemp. Chris Brown has also moved on.

Is Chris going to marry Rihanna?

No, because Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up. Now Rihanna is dating a baseball player named Matt and now Chris Brown is dating a model.

Is Rihanna and chris brown going out again?

No they are not going out with each other. Rihanna is dating Matt Kemp.

Did Chris Brown beat his girlfriend?

yes! chris brown attacked rihanna and it was horrible. it was suppose to be a secret, but i don't think that is going to well. chris brown and rihanna did not peform at the Grammy awards 2009. aww! and chris brown did get arrested. go to youtube and type in: a picture of rihanna getting attacked by chris we all feel sorry or rihanna! shame on you chris brown! hope you feel better, rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown and Ciara?

No. It's Rihanna Chris is going out with her right now..

Do Chris Brown an Rihanna going out?

NO because they broke up and Rihanna is now dating a baseball player and Chris Brown is now dating a model.

Does Rihanna has another ex?

i believe she was going out with chris brown

What happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna?

first they were girl friend and boy friend but then they had a fight. chris brown beat up rihanna cuz rihanna found out about a text some other lady chris brown was going out with sent him a text.

Is Rihanna going tobe a mother?

rihanna is pregnant by either chris brown or jay-z

Is Chris Brown dead?

No, Chris Brown is not dead. but hes going to be if he keeps on acting like that hes going to beno the incident was all fake with the rihanna and chris brownChris Brown did not die. But you should DIAF!

Is Rihanna going to forgive Chris Brown?

Ne-Yo said in an interview that Rihanna has forgave Chris Brown, but I don't think Rihanna has said in a interview that she forgave Chris Brown. Ne-Yo and Rihanna are like brother and sister, so Ne-Yo must be right.

Is rihanna going to beat up Chris Brown?

No and if she tries to I am going to beat her up because I like Chris Brown so much.

Is christ brown and lil mama goign out are rhyanna?

chris brown & rihanna are going out

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna going out together?

No they use to go out, but not anymore.

Why are Rihanna and Chris Brown going out?

They are no longer going out together because they broke up and Rihanna is now dating a baseball player named Matt Kemp and Chris Brown is now dating a model.

Are you still going out with Rihanna?

Who Is still going out with Rihanna? I'm pretty sure it's Chris Brown. So, there's ur answer.

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