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Of course! In some countries its just a different date

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Other than December 25th What was one other date Christmas celebrated?

In Russia it is celebrated on January 7th.

How is communion celebrated in other countries?

Other than what? You didn't mention where you live.

In which countries is Thanksgiving celebrated other than the US?

Other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving other than the US are Canda, Norfolk island and Liberia

Why do Indians have many festival celebrated than other countries in the world?

Indians have many festival celebrated than other countries in the world. The reason for this is because India is a diverse country full of various cultures, traditions, festivals and dance. Because of being so pompous and diversified Indians have many festival celebrated than other countries in the world.

What day is Labor Day in countries other than Canada?

In Canada and US Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. In most of the other countries it is celebrated on 1st May.

How does the us celebrated Christmas than other foreign country?

Easy just the same as us dude

Do more people celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Christmas. Its celebrated all over the world, whereas Thanksgiving is only celebrated in AmericaI disagree with Christmas. There are many countries in this world that do NOT have Christmas. In fact, the population of the world that celebrates it is smaller than the ones who don't. The entire middle east, Asia, and Africa do not celebrate it.

Was Christmas celebrated in the Middle Ages?

Yes, they celebrated Christmas in the middle ages, however it was more of a religious celebration than it is today.

Which holiday is celebrated the most in the US between Christmas thanksgiving or the Fourth of July?

Christmas is celebrated more in the US than the 4th of July.

What holiday is celebrated more than valentine's day?


Is la semana santa celebrated in other countries?

Other than WHAT, exactly? Semana santa means Easter week; it is celebrated wherever there are Christians, in other words, probably in every country in the world.

What happens on Christmas in Animal Crossing wild world ds?

It's SO sad. It isn't celebrated other than some cone-shaped trees will have Christmas lights in them.

Does Ireland have more than 1 day of Christmas?

Christmas is 12 days long in Ireland, just like it is in all other countries in the world.

When is Thanksgiving celebrated in countries other than the US?

Canada - second Monday in OctoberGrenada - October 25

Why is Christmas celebrated so long in Australia?

Christmas is not celebrated any longer in Australia than it is in out her countries. In fact, unless one is of a particular cultural background that emphasises Christmas throughout December, it is only a short celebration! lasting from Christmas Eve until Christmas Day. The Boxing Day holiday on the 26th of December is not really considered part of Christmas, as many retailers take advantage of this holiday, offering huge discounts on their products.

How is Christmas celebrated in judaism?

Christmas is not celebrated by the Jews, because they do not accept Jesus as being anything more than just another human being. Only Christians celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Which other countries are effected by the energy crisis?

Other than what? Actually all countries are affected.Other than what? Actually all countries are affected.Other than what? Actually all countries are affected.Other than what? Actually all countries are affected.

Is Easter celebrated in more than one country?

yes they are celebrated in many countries like armenia , china ,japan and much much more countries

What is the day before Christmas Eve called?

It is called Little Christmas Eve. In Norway, the holiday is called Lille Julaften and begins the actual celebration part of Christmas (December 23 and 24) rather than the Christmas Eve/Christmas celebrations in other countries.

What country will have a hot Christmas out of South Africa or New Zealand?

Due to the nature of the terrain and the climate, South Africa will have a hotter Christmas than New Zealand. However, both countries celebrate Christmas during the summer month of December, so both countries have a hotter Christmas than countries in the northern hemisphere.

What is Americas most celebrated holiday?

Christmas Day Its actually more than i its two New Year's day and Christmas Day

Did medieval times celebrate Christmas?

they did - Christmas was celebrated since the beginning of Christianity - but it was more religious than commercial and full of presents.

What do people do at Christmas time in South Korea?

Being that South Korea is mostly non-Christian, Christmas isn't a big holiday. Celebrations that do exist are more casual than in other countries, similar to New Year's parties in Western countries.

Why do Germans celebrate Christmas on December 24th?

On the Wallaby's original answer:Germans do not restrict their Christmas celebrations to the 24th of December. Christmas Day is also important. The German tradition of celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve comes from the old belief that Christ was born in the evening, rather than on Christmas morning. Germans and, in other countries, Lutherans with German ancestry, open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, and the Christmas Eve service is a celebration of the Christ-child which, to many people, is more significant than Christmas morning services.

Do rich countries spend more on Christmas than poor countries on food?

Highly likely, yes.

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