Is Corsica and sardinia part of Italy?

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In Italy
Sardinia is part of modern day Italy , Corsica is not. The Kingdom of Sardinia was one of the driving forces behind Italian reuinification. Corsica however is still occupied by France (and possibly kept the island, as France supported the italians against the Austrian Empire). The Corsican language is pretty much a tuscan/italian dialect, though it's use is being surpessed by the french ("only one language in the Republic ,and that is french" ) Most all corsicans can speak french (even though many consider corsican/italian their native speech)
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What part of Italy did ballet originate in?

Ballet emerged from Italy's Renaissance period in the late 1400s, when ballet emerged from the courts it was in Milan at La Scala. Ballet actually really blossomed in France rather than in Italy.

Is San Marino part of Italy?

No, San Marino is a separate country that is completely surrounded by Italy, but not a part of Italy. However, it does speak Italian.

Island of Corsica is part of which country?

Corsica is usually considered one of the 26 regions of France, although strictly speaking Corsica is a "territorial collectivity" by law. It enjoys powers slightly more important than other French regions .

Where is Corsica?

\n. \nFrance\n. \n Answer \n. \nCorsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea just north of Sardinia.

Corsica is part of what European country?

Corsica, is an island located near the southeastern part of Francein the Mediterranean sea. Itâ??s best known for being the home ofNapoleon I. Before annexation by France, it was under the authorityof the Republic of Genoa.

What country is Corsica part of?

Corsica is part of the amazing country of France. It is one of its 26 regions. Kyle Wood wrote this

What part of Europe is Italy in?

Italy is on the southern border of Europe, extending out in the Mediterranean Sea Italy can be considered a part of Southern Europe as well as a part of Western Europe.

Is Italy a part of southern Europe?

\n . \nYes, it lies south of a line drawn through the approximate middle of the continent. . But the northern is located not in the south

Where is the corsica?

The island of Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Thecoordinates are 42 degrees 9' N, 9 degrees 5' E. It is situatedsoutheast of the mainland of France and west of Italy.

Was Italy a part of Lithuania?

\n. \nWow! Those two countries are quite far one from each other. So your answer is NO, definitely not. Just view a map.\n. \nI can see why you think that. Lithuania possesses Latin alphabet. But no, the above statement is correct.

Is Italy a part of UK?

Short answer: No. Long answer: UK, or United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Italy is located in southern Europe. The country noted to look like a high heeled boot on European maps also consists of the 2 largest islands in the Mediterranean sea, Sicily and Sardin ( Full Answer )

Is Italy part of the US?

No. Italy is an entirely different nation. It is not even US territories. If you'd asked something like the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, that would have been okay. But no. Just no. You fail horribly.

What part of the European continent is italy?

Italy is the large boot-shaped peninsula that projects into the central Mediterranean Sea in southern Europe. It includes the large islands of Sardinia to the west and Sicily to the south, which practically divides the sea in two.

Is Switzerland a part of Italy?

No, no. Switzerland is a neighboring country of Italy in its north. Of course, due to the geographical short distance and the parts both countries are made of, the border is not a cultural 100% break-line. People in northern Italy speak a kind of Italian dialect related to the Italian dialect of the ( Full Answer )

Is Greece part of Italy?

No Greece is not part of Italy. Greece and Italy are two seperate countries in Europe. They are also very close to one another on the globe.

When did venice become part of italy?

Venice became part of the nation of Italy when Italy became anation in 1871. Before that it was part of a consortium of citystates and provinces.

Which sea surrounds Sicily and Sardinia and Italy?

The Mediterranean is the sea that surrounds the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and the three sides of the Italian peninsula. Its waters take on different, local names around each of the sides of the Italian peninsula. On the east side, they're called the Adriatic Sea. It's the sea by wh ( Full Answer )

Is the Vatican City part of Italy?

No. It is surrounded by Italy but not part of Italy. Though theVatican City is situated in Rome, Italy, it is a country in itself-- it even has it's own stamps!

What part of Africa did Italy conquere?

It depends on what time on history you are talking about. The Romans conquered most of northern Africa in the making of their empire. During WWII Italy conquered Ethiopia.

Is Europe part of Italy?

Other way around, Italy is part of Europe. Italy is a country, and Europe is a continent.

Is there a volcano in sardinia?

Well I'd have to say that there is a volcano in Sardinia because volcanoes are everywhere... the question is where is it and what is it called? x stroking chin x

Which part of Italy did ravioli come from?

The first mention of ravioli is in the writings of a merchant in the 14th century called Francesco di Marco. He was from Prato , a city in Tuscany, Italy.

Which country in the eu is sardinia part of?

Unfortunately Sardinia belongs to the Italian Republic since 1861. In reality the majority of Sardinian people identify themselves as Sardinian. The independentism movement is growing up during the last 20 years and the process of independence will hopefully start soon, following the one in ac ( Full Answer )

What part of Italy Lamborghini came from?

Lamborghini never came from Italy. It came from Germany. I don't know the city in Germany, but i definitly know, that it did not ever come from Italy.

Where in sardinia Italy was the black stallion filmed?

The first location was the town of Marina di Arbus on the rugged western coast of the island. Access to one area involved a tortuous trek over high sand dunes, with all the camera equipment being hand-carried in and out of the site - a situation the crew learned to accept all over Sardinia. Arbus wa ( Full Answer )

What separates Corsica and Sardinia?

The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio. The Strait of Bonifacio.

What part of Italy is Montagne located?

Montagne is in Trentino, Italy. This is in the North Central part of the country. The closest larger city is Trento. It is near the Alps, a mountain range.

What part of Italy is Mondello in?

Mondello is located in Sicily (Southern Italy). It is a small town near the city of Palermo. This beach region is located between two cliffs called Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino.

What was the northern part of Italy covered with?

In the winter northern Italy can get covered with snow. The north of Italy has two geographical features: the arch of the mountain chains of the Alps which forms most of the borders of Italy and the plain of the river Po which runs from near Turin to Venice. More flatland follows the coast from Veni ( Full Answer )

What country separates Corsica and Sardinia?

There is no country between Corsica and Sardinia. Corsica belongs to France and Sardinia belongs to Italy. They are two islands that are very close to each other, only separated by The Strait of Bonifacio.