Is DAI brain damage curable?

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2011-02-04 04:15:08

Yes, it is curable with a miracle from God Almighty, by His

Grace. Other countries may refer to Him by a different name.

Prayers are His means of our communicating with Him. He knows our

prayers before we say them to Him (whether they be in silent

thought from our hearts or out loud in privacy or public). Cure

being from Him direct through His Supernatural Self, or His

Supernature Flawless Self performing through those He has chosen to

Perform His Cure (referring to those qualifying as His wonderful

earthly Physicians).My nephew Brandon Miley, is a victim of 115 ft.

fall; mri recently diagnosed as DAI; he is 21 yrs. old. After

studying some sites of medical info regarding such; he is not in

the 90% of those who remain in coma and a vegetative state. He is

in the 10% state. Further stating, read there is small percentage

of the 10%, that continue onward in years with a normal life;

referencing to short comings of this or that (many possibilities of

occurrences; such as behavior, interval memory loss or permanent;

all sorts, depending upon the area of brain damages and etc.; which

can occur quickly after traumatic brain injury accident, or yrs.

later. Thus, will say, I pray for all folks reading this who are

experiencing as we are with our loved one. I also pray for you

wonderful professional folks in the brain medical field. Above all,

Our Prayers continue to be lifted to Elohim (God); for He is the

Magnificent Creator of We All. Nothing is impossible with HE at the

Stem. I thank you and have said all, in Jesus Name. Amen+

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