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Is Demeter a good or bad person?

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Demeter is not a person, Demeter is a Greek goddess.

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Was Demeter good or bad?

Demeter was good. She was the goddess of the harvest, not evil or anything.

Was Demeter a real person?

Demeter can be a persons name, but the Demeter of Greek myth was a goddess not a person.

What is a good slogan for Demeter the goddess?

Demeter the meter! come see Demeter heaters!

Changes are good for person or not?

Changes are good for a person, unless the changes are not good changes... then, changes are bad for a person. If you support bad changes then you would be supporting bad change for a person.

What kind of person was Demeter?

Demeter was a goddess that was very protective of her daughter, Persephone.

Was Socrates a bad person?

Socrates was a good person but a lot of people thought he was a bad person

How do you detect from a good and a bad person?

There is saying " by their fruits you know them". To spot a good or bad person watch their actions.

Are you a bad person if you don't believe in God?

It depends on what kind of a person you are. If you don't believe in god, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are a bad person. I believe that if you are kind, honest and caring person, than you aren't a bad person.

Was King John a good or bad king in other peoples opinion?

he was bad yet good bad as he was mean and good at... BEING BAD!!!

Was Pharaoh a good person?

he was a bad person. so no.

Is Antonio López de Santa Anna a good person or bad?

he was a bad person but, did very few good things

Are advantages good or bad?

Advantages are good for the person that has them.

Is migration good or bad?

depends, it can be good or it can be bad and also it depends on where the person is migrating to.

Is Malcolm X a Good or Bad person?

Good for the people and bad for specific people.

Who could be compared to a modern day Demeter?

A person who would relate to demeter would be your mom.

How did they describe Christopher Columbus?

a bad person but people discribed him as a good person

If someone with great credit co signs for some with bad credit does it help the person with bad credit?

The person with bad credit pays back the loan that the good credit helped him with in good payment statis. Have payment met on time or a little early will help the person with bad credit. The person with good credit is very generous with his credit. If the bad credit person does not pay on time or falters the loan. the Good credit person will have a problem . Not the bad credit person. Helping someone get back on their feet is a good thing. Make sure that your Good credit is not in jepordy.

Is Santa Claus a bad person?

nope!! he is a good person!!

What makes someone a bad or good person?

they feel bad when they are not with jb they feel good when jb is with them

is Demeter a real person?

There may be a real person with the name Demeter living today. Usually however the name refers to a ancient Greek goddess.

Is Benito Mussolini a good or bad person?

Benito is born to be the good person. but you could tell me that Benito is bad person because he kills most people of this world

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