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Is Duany Thomas Fernandez married?

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When was Thomas Fernandez born?

Thomas Fernandez was born on 1970-08-03.

When was Raúl Duany born?

Raúl Duany was born in 1975.

When was Andrés Duany born?

Andrés Duany was born in 1949.

When was Kueth Duany born?

Kueth Duany was born on 1980-04-22.

When was Ger Duany born?

Ger Duany was born on 1978-11-09.

How many kids does Alejandro Fernandez have and is he married?

Alejandro Fernandez has five children and is not currently married.

When was Demetrio Castillo Duany born?

Demetrio Castillo Duany was born on 1856-11-17.

When did Demetrio Castillo Duany die?

Demetrio Castillo Duany died on 1922-11-27.

When was Monse Duany born?

Monse Duany was born on July 28, 1967, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

When did lisa fernandez get married?

Lisa Fernandez got married on August 9, 2002. She married Michael Lujan and is a Olympic softball pitcher from New York.

What is the birth name of Shiloh Fernandez?

Shiloh Fernandez's birth name is Shiloh Thomas Fernandez.

Is Alejandro Fernandez married?

Alejandro Fernandez is an American actor and singer. He is currently not married, but is dating Mexican model Karla Laveaga.

What has the author Jorge Duany written?

Jorge Duany has written: 'Blurred borders' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, West Indians, Transnationalism

Was sojouner truth married?

she married thomas SHE MARRIED THOMAS OK

Was Thomas Telford Married?

Thomas Telford wasn't married.

Is Rob Thomas Married?

Yes - He is married to Marisol Thomas.

Was Thomas Aquinas married?

No, Thomas was a Dominican priest and not married.

Who married Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison married Mary Stilwell

Who married Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Who married Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Who did Thomas Jefferson get married to?

Thomas Jefferson married Martha Skelton

How old was Thomas Edison when he got married?

I believe that Thomas was 24 when he got married

Was St. Thomas Aquinas married?

No, Thomas Aquinas was a priest and never married.

Did sojouner truth get married?

she did she married thomas

Did Vivien Thomas get married?

Yes he was married.

Is Thomas Dekker married?

No, Thomas Dekker is not married. And if he was he would still be fricken yummy looken.:]

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