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Is Egypt or Europe a better place to visit?

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surely Egypt .if you are a history fan.Egypt is hot and you will feel some discomfort,but also fun.if you want to wiev the modern technology then Europe is good then Egypt .it is your choice.i would have gone to Egypt.

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Where is a place to visit if you go to Egypt?

If I were to go Egypt, I'd like to visit Abu Rawash and Bar Amici in Cairo.

What is the best place to visit in Egypt?

The pyramids of Giza

Why should people visit Egypt?

people should visit Egypt because its a wonderful place and u can learn much about the country and will have a story to tell.

What are some funny jokes about Egypt?

Egypt is a really cool country i visited there is is awesome the pyramids and up in Alexandria beaches Egypt is beautiful place to visit.

What makes Europe a popular place to visit?

The history, the architecture, the art, the cultures.

Is it better to visit a place rather than read about it?

It is better to read about a place before visiting it, so you will know what to look for.

What is the best place to visit in Europe during summer?

Budapest, balaton, Sziget-festival

What can you visit at Egypt?

you can visit the pyramids and Alexandria

Why is the east coast of Europe dissapearing?

well the europeon plate is being pushed down causing a certain amount of Europe dissapearing to the mantle below and reapperaing in the western place for more detailed and better explanation visit a proper science journal.

Did Elvis Presley vzttd Egypt?

no he did not visit egypt

Emelie and Lisa are in Egypt?

sorry i don't get your why don't you go visit a BETTER site that will be proud to give you the answer!

Where is the best place to go pearl diving around Bahrain?

you can visit Egypt (sharm El-shiehk,dahad, ....etc),Egypt is considered No. 1 for the diving in the Arab countries

Why should people visit medieval Europe?

Because it has a lot of great things to see and it is a very beautiful place

Will Daniel Radcliffe visit Egypt?

Daniel Radcliffe must visit Egypt. i mean he visited istambul. he and the whol cast and he doesn't want to visit Egypt.dan must know that he has got fans in Egypt.Answer: Maybe one day he will. He is a worldwide Traveler, but enjoy Australia the best.

What is Best place to visit During this time?

The better place now the sharm city over looking red sea resort.

How many people visit Europe each year?

123 million people visit Europe each year

Did Marco Polo visit Europe?

Yes. He was from Italy, which is in Europe.

How many tourists visit Egypt?


Can a man from Egypt visit the US?

Of course.

Did Sir Francis Drake visit Egypt?


Did Michael Jackson visit Egypt?


When was Howard Carter's first visit to Egypt?

Howard Carter went to Egypt in 1891

Can you visit Egypt if you have a stamp from Israel in your passport?

Yes but you may be better off not getting the stamp in your passport. You can ask them to stamp a piece of paper instead.

Is April a good time to visit Europe?

Any time is a good time to visit Europe, so April is a good time.

Is Uganda a safe place to visit?

is Uganda a safe place to visit