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If you come off the plane and you look like a tourist your more likely to get followed anywhere you go. Its safe once your keen about your surroundings. Its changed a lot as well but I think its safer than some other places and quite beautiful too.

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Is Belize a dangerous travel destination?

No, Belize is a very safe travel destination.

Is Central America a dangerous travel destination?

Not really. There are some that safe to travel to.

Is Peru a dangerous travel destination?

nol, Peru is not necessaily a dangerous travel destination, but be ware, the natives don't speak english. A few words of spanish would be a good idea.

Was the age of exploration dangerous and how did pirates affect it?

the pirates can not travel well to their destination

Is Colombia a dangerous travel destination?

Colombia is a safe travel destination to travel to as long as you keep your wits about you and stay away from known dangerous areas, this is one of the most incredible destinations in South America. wowrooms.co.in

Is Trinidad and Tobago a dangerous travel destination?

yes because u will get blown up by ackmed

What is the best travel destination in India?

Varanasi the the best travel destination in india. wowrooms.co.in

Is Honduras a dangerous travel destination?

It is, it is the most dangerous country according to the washington post. You cant be safe anywhere, not the mall, the street, even in your hotel. Very, very dangerous place

Is Nicaragua a dangerous travel destination?

yes, 97.5% of the poeple that go there have either gotten very sick or died

Is Italy in general a safe place to travel to?

Yes Italy is a safe place to travel generally, however as with any country of destination it does have some dangerous areas.

Is El Salvador a dangerous travel destination?

No more than Mexico,Guatemala Honduras and many Middle east countries.

What travel destination begins with At?

Atlanta, Georgia is a travel destination. It begins with the letters At.

Is England an overrated travel destination?

It's certainly an overpriced travel destination.

Is South America an overrated travel destination?

no, south America is not a overrated travel destination.

Can a destination come to an end?

A destination is the end point of travel.

Is the Ivory Coast a dangerous travel destination?

This question is best answered by consulting The U.S. Department of State latest notes and their Advice To Travelers notes.

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