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A single covalent bond between the hydrogen and the chlorine

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Is BeH2 and HCl ionic or covalent?

Ionic and Covalent respectively

Is HCI ionic or covalent?


What is the method of bond formation for ionic bonding?

Ionic bonds are formed in the process of ionic bonding. The method of bond formation is simply known as ionic bonding. For example, when H+ and Cl- atoms meet, they form bonds with each by going through ionic bonding to form HCl.

Is HCl corvalent of ionic?

HCl is considered as having a covalent bond.

How do atoms stick together to form compounds?

The compounds are either held together by ionic bonds which are formed between a cation and anion or by covalent bonds which are formed when atoms share electrons with each other. Most of the compounds are formed by covalent bonds. Example:- HF, NaCl, LiF etc. are formed by ionic bonding CH4,H2O, HCl etc. are made from covalent bonding.

HCL is a covalent or ionic bond?

HCl (Hydrogen Chloride) is a covalent compound and forms a covalent bond. However, if water is added to hydrogen chloride, it forms hydrochloric acid which is an ionic compound that has ionic bonds.

Is HCl covalent bond or ionic bond?

It is a polar covalent molecule.

What type bonding does HCl has?

H-Cl A covalent bond.

Is HCL covalent or ionic?

It is a covalent compound made by a single covalent bond between hydrogen and chlorine.

Is HCl not exhibit hydrogen bonding?

No, it doesn't exhibit hydrogen bonding.It exhibit ionic bonding.

Is HCl molecule is ionic or covalent in nature?

Pure HCl is considsered to be covalent as there is no lattice formed. It is seperated into ions in an aquaeus solution though.

Need an example of covalent bonds?

Any molecule with two non metal atoms (HCl, HF or O2 as examples) form a covalent bond between the bonding atoms.

Does hci have an ionic bond or covalent bond?

HCl gas is a covalent molecular compound, HCl in water dissociates to form H+(aq) + Cl-

What are 10 examples of chemical bonds?

Chemical bond has three bonds.Ionic bonding (one metal and one non-metal, usually has charges)Covalent bonding (two non-metals)Metallic bonding (two metals)The examples of chemical bonds:Ionic bonding(3 examples) ~ [K](+)[Cl](-), [Na](+)[Cl](-), [Ca](2+) 2[Br](-)Covalent bonding(4) ~ NH3,CH4, HCl, Cl2Metallic bonding(3) ~ LiBe, NaK, MgCaHope can help you:)

What kind of bond can chlorine atom form?

Chlorine can form both ionic and covalent bonds. For example:-NaCl- Here bond between chlorine and Sodium is ionic.HCl- Here bond between Hydrogen and Chlorine is covalent.

What compound is ionic hcl n2o so2 or cacl2?

HCL is covalent. This is the type of bond that forms with the combination of Hydrogen and Chloride

Why is HCl predominantly covalent in gaseous state but is ionic in aqueous solution?

HCl is a polar covalent compound. When it is dissolved in Polar solvent H2O, it is ionized into its constituent ions H+ & Cl-. But when it is present gaseous form then it remains as Covalent compound HCl.

What is the compound for HCl?

Hydrochlorine (HCl) is a gas found in room temperature. It is formed by the ionic bonding between hydrogen and chlorine. HCl, in itself, is considered a compound.

Which type of bonding is formed by HCl?

Hydrogen chloride (diatomic molecule) has a polar covalent bond.

Why is oxygen gas two oxygen atoms bonded together an element not a compound?

Because a compound is formed by bonding of two or more atoms of "different" elements. These atoms may joined by covalent bonding, and the resulting compound is known as covalent compound( like HCl, CO2, H2O...etc.) Similarly ionic bonding results in the formation of ionic compound (like NaCl, KCl) and coordinate bonding results in the formation of coordinate compounds (like LiAlH4) Whereas the Oxygen is concerned it exists in O2 which is a molecule and not a compound as molecule is formed by bonding of two or more atoms of the "same" element (like P4, S8.. etc) Molecules have covalent bonding only.

Does HCl have an ionic bond?

Hydrogen Chloride (the gas) has covalent bonds, but Hydrochloric acid forms ionic bonds. As to why this occurs, I am clueless

What is an ionic compound held together by?

its the attraction between the anion and the cation called ionic bonding. like H+ and Cl- will ionic bond and form HCl (hydrochloric acid).

How many common bonds does chlorine have?

Chlorine usually forms ionic bonds with metals and covalent bonds with nonmetals,but it also forms coordinate bonds in some cases ,in HCl chlorine may form hydrogen bonding.

Is HCl molecular or ionic?

is HCl ionic or molecular

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