Is HTC desire better then Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung galaxy s vs Htc desire

Well, both samsung galaxy s and htc desire are very good smartphones but which ones better, I know!


The samsung galaxy s has a 4" super amoled touchscreen display that is very bright and clear. The htc desire has has a 3.7" amoled touchscreen display but the samsung galaxy s is a bit more clear in actual fact.


Both of the phones can run on android 2.1 or 2.2 which lets you choose from over 70,000 apps at the android market. Both of them are with Google and have a superfast hummingbird 1ghz processer so when loading onto the internet the website you searched should load very quickly.


Both of the phones have a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. The htc desire is more better in the dark because it has led flash but the samsung galaxy s does not. The samsung galaxy s has a front facing vga camera for video-calling and the htc desire lacks of that.


The samsung galaxy s you can get in black and a new white colour. The htc desire comes in brown, black and also a new white colour too.


Which is better... I have to say the samsung galaxy s does cost more and just nails it in for most people. The htc desire is actually better for camera but the samsung galaxys can't be beaten with it's outstanding entertainment and also has a great swype texting feature. So there you have it. You could try looking at some newer amazing smartphones because I'm sure there is one that is more better than both of these phones! Thankyou!