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Is Hamilton an Irish name?

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Hamilton is a name of English origin. Though linguistically English, in Britain the name Hamilton is considered first and foremost Scottish. Some parts of Ireland (especially Northern Ireland) were settled by Scots from about 1600 onwards, so one finds many Scottish names in Ireland.

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What is the Irish for 'Hamilton'?

Hamaltún(de) Hamaltún

Is Ohamilton an Irish name?

== Hamilton: the name of several parishes in England, or of Hamilton in Scotland. The Hamiltons went over to Ireland in large numbers from Scotland at the time of the plantation of Ulster. In Irish Gaelic the name was de Hamaltún/Hamaltún but in west Clare they were gaelicized as "Ó Hamailltín". The rare name Ó hUrmholtaigh of southwest Cork was sometimes changed to Hamilton.

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The surname Hamilton is a Scottish and northern Irish habitational name. This is named from Old English hamel'crooked' + dun 'hill'. Hamilton near Glasgow was founded by the Hamiltons and named after them.

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