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Some refer to Hawaii as an overseas assignment. Technically overseas refers to foreign places, so if you are not from Hawaii or the United States of America, then it is an overseas tour. For people from the United States Hawaii is, though, an OCONUS assignment.

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2014-10-25 20:45:53
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Q: Is Hawaii considered an overseas tour?
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Is Hawaii considered overseas?

Yes people often think of Hawaii as being in the middle of the ocean.

Is Tessa Horst living in Hawaii?

she is not living in Hawaii.Andy and tessa have split up.Andy is going overseas for a tour of duty in the Persian gulf .

Where did the beatles tour overseas?

Australia USA

What are some of the overseas hospitality jobs?

Overseas hospitality jobs would be jobs in an international hotel group, working on a cruise ship, being a tour quide or in a resort. Teaching in a foreign country would also be considered an overseas hospitality job.

Is Hawaii overseas from the US?

yes it is west from the us.

What is LTAWD?

Air Force Overseas Service Long Tour

How much does a tour of volcanoes in Hawaii cost?

about $1,598.

Is Hawaii considered a state or island?

Hawaii is mainly considered a peninsula

Is Mexico considered as overseas?

It depends where you are. It is not overseas to anyone living in north or south America.

What is WrestleMania revenge tour?

The Revenge Tour is the overseas version of WWE's United States tours like Smackdown and Raw. These particular programs are included in the Revenge Tour.

Define an overseas tour operator?

A person or organisation that operates tours in other countries. So if you are travelling to another country with a tour operator, they are overseas tour operators. They will have offices in your country and you can book with them there, but all the tours they do are in other countries. They do not organise any tours in their own country.

Is Hawaii considered an island or a penninsula state?

Hawaii is considered an island state.

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