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Is Hawaii in New Zealand?

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No, Hawaii is part of the USA. The Hawaiian islands are west of the US in the Pacific and New Zealand is in the south of Hawaii.

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There are a total of 4605 miles between the state of Hawaii and New Zealand. New Zealand is located in the South Pacific ocean.

The distance between Auckland, New Zealand and Honolulu, Hawaii is 4385 miles (7057 km).

New Zealand has about 10 times more land area than the state of Hawaii.

New Zealand, Hawaii, Ireland,

There are a total of 4,606 miles between the state of Hawaii and the country of New Zealand. The flight time is 9 hours and 50 minutes.

Hawaii is about half way to New Zealand from Vancouver BC.

Approx. 7 hours by plane.

Polynesia. New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island are the three corners of the Polynesian triangle, a large area of the pacific Ocean.

Yes, New Zealand is a part of the Polynesian Triangle which has Hawaii as its northernmost point, Easter Island as its easternmost point and New Zealand in the southwest.

New Zealand has the largest islands in Polynesia. Polynesia's bounding points are Hawaii, New Zealand (Aotearoa), and Easter Island (Rapanui).

There is about 4,648 miles between Hawaii and New Zealand. A flight would take about 9 hours and 45 minutes when flying on a commercial airline.

The air distance from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Christchurch, New Zealand, is 4,840 miles. That equals 7,789 kilometers or 4,206 nautical miles.

New Zealand is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +12 hours, ie. 12 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. US Hawaii Time - is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT -10 hours, ie. 10 hours behind Greenwich, England. Hawaii is 22 hours behind New Zealand. (Daylight savings not taken into account.) When New Zealand is on Daylight Saving Time (from the last Sunday of September until the first Sunday of April), New Zealand is 23 hours ahead of Hawaii.

There are no direct flights from Kona, Hawaii to the South Island of New Zealand.There are direct flights from Honolulu, Hawaii to Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand by Air New Zealand. Flights from Kona to Honolulu are available on several airlines.Indirect flights from Honolulu to Christchurch are available on other airlines, with options including stops in Los Angeles, USA; Sydney, Australia; Nadi, Fiji.

7,514 Km. Honolulu to Wellington

New Zealand may be the farthest country from Nigeria. But if you count any part of a country Hawaii is farther then New Zealand and it would make the U.S. the farthest country from New Zealand.

New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island (Rapanui) are considered the three boundary points of Polynesia.

James cook is the person who discovered Australia New zealand and Hawaii

it is just two hourse away from eachother!

The Polynesians. Indeed, the bounding points of Polynesia are New Zealand (Aotearoa), Easter Island (Rapanui), and Hawaii.

The flight is 7 Hours 55 Minutes going and 8 Hours 30 Minutes returning to New Zealand. Service is offered three times a week on Air New Zealand.