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Depending on your Culture and Belief system would answer this question for you. Our freedoms extend as long as we do not strip the Freedoms of Others.

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Q: Is Homosexuality morally acceptable
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Morally acceptable legal separation?

Any legal separation is morally acceptable.Any legal separation is morally acceptable.Any legal separation is morally acceptable.Any legal separation is morally acceptable.

Is homosexuality acceptable?

Yes, homosexuality is acceptable because it is a normal, natural sexual orientation.

Is genocide morally acceptable?

No it is not. it is horrible.

Which is morally acceptable artificial intelligence or human clone?

AI would have to be the more morally acceptable one of the two, cloning is not very well accepted at this time.

Is cloning a morally acceptable practice?

This is a matter of personal opinion.

What does developmental psychology say about homosexuality?

It says that homosexuality is a healthy, acceptable orientation, just like being straight.

Is homosexuality morally reprehensible?

No. Nothing that is part of a person's nature can be considered morally reprehensible, since morality is all about choice, and being gay is not a choice.

What percent of Americans believe homosexuality is morally wrong?

Surveys vary, and there is a distinct shift to more acceptance of homosexuality as the years go by. As of 2014 approximately 48% of Americans believe homosexuality is wrong.

Why is homosexuality not acceptable?

Homosexuality is acceptable. It's a normal, natural sexual orientation. Some people believe homosexuality is wrong because of their interpretation of the Bible, but the number of these hateful people is shrinking every day, and soon, this won't even be an issue.

Which concept made slavery more morally acceptable to many Southerners?


Which situations are morally acceptable but are not legal?

If you had to steal food or medicine to stay alive.

Is homosexuality acceptable in the Hindu religion?

The Hindu religion itself doesn't hold a standpoint on homosexuality, however Hindu Indian culture tends to be against it

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