Is IT internet technology or Information technology?


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Information technology

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information technology such as internet

i t stands for information technology or internet technology

The acronym IT stands for Internet technology or information technology.

There are several places where one can find information concerning internet technology. Some of these places include local IT specialists, or websites such as Internet Society and JIT.

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Internet Technology. Information Tecnology

we can disseminate information through technology such as internet internet, cellular phone, telephone or any gadget that made by the technology. we can also disseminate information through journal or by verbal way.

Yes, information and communication can be used over the internet (World Wide Web).

Information Technology is anything to do with computers, servers, the Internet, or anything else that stors binary data.

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computers internet mobile phones

Internet Team ANSWER : Information Technology Department

A student can use the Internet to research information.

Lots of kinds of information are available on the internet but as per current trend, there are mainly three kinds of information more important on the Internet which are : Educational Political IT/Technology

internet technology actually it stands for Information Technology. i have worked in this field for 22 years.

Zatarian's advertises on the Internet so, the answer is computer technology.

Information Technology; includes computers, software, and the internet.

Why do contemporary information systems technology and the Internet pose challenges to the protection of individual privacy and intellectual property

Technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose some of them are .Medical technology .Information technology .Construction technology .Mobile technology .Internet etc...

CompTia A+, CompTia NET+, Photoshop.The Internet.

The role of information technology in our daily life is to make our life easier. Information technology makes our lives so much more easier. For example, we can now search on the internet on our phones.

The Indian state formerly known as Orissa, Odisha is known for its usage and education of information technology. Currently, the area uses technology that much of the civilized world uses, like the internet and information technology.

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