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NO-Japan is in NORTHEAST Asia.

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Are the Philippine islands in Japan?

No, the Philippines is an archipelagic nation located in Southeast Asia. Japan is an island nation in East Asia.

is Australia located north of southeast Asia?

No. It is located south of southeast Asia.

Why is it that the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia when it is actually located in Northeast Asia?

not, japan and Kamchatka are located in northeast Asia the Philippines is located in east Asia but close to countries located in south east Asia, a more accurate term is Asia pacific

Is Singapore near japan?

Singapore is not located near Japan. It is over 3200 miles from Japan and is considered its own city state and located in Southeast Asia.

Where does southeast Asia located?

"Where is Southeast Asia located?" Moron, learn correct grammar.

Is Singapore in Japan?

No, Singapore is not in Japan. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. It is considered to be a sovereign city-state and is called the Republic of Singapore.

What southeast asian country was not ruled by imperialism?

The only country in southeast Asia that was not fully absorbed by one or another European empires was Thailand. Japan also avoided that fate, but Japan is in east Asia, not Southeast Asia.

Is the Philippines located in east Asia?

No, Because Philippines was located in southeast Asia.

Is the Philippines in Asia?

Yes Philippines is located in Asia (Southeast Asia)

Where is Combodia located?

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia

Where is Southeast Asia located?

It's located at the south and east of Asia, where Malaysia and Singapore located.

Who conquered European colonies in east and southeast Asia?

Japan invaded the entire area around East and Southeast Asia.

Is Vietnam in central Asia?

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia

In which Japan located?

The actual question is 'Where is Japan located'. For the answer, Japan is located in Asia.

US state in the southeast?

Guam is a U.S. Territory is southeast asia. It is east of Japan.

Japan is located in what continent?

AsiaJapan is located in the eastern part of Asia, on the China sea and the sea of Japan.

What are two nations in southeast Asia are archipelagos?

Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines are archipelagos in Asia.

What country is Thailand located?

It's located in Southeast Asia

Where is Japan?

Japan is located in the Northern Hemisphere. It is located in Asia.

What are the similarities of south and southeast Asia?

nddqt Both South Asia and SouthEast Asia share the Eurasian Plate and they are located on plate borders

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