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Is Kingdom Hearts 3 out yet?


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Not yet. There is

Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (GBA)

Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS2)

358/2 Days (DS)

There Will Be Kingdom Heart 3 Out In 2010. I Heard MAny People Saying It Might Be Out On The Wii But It Not Official.

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There is no Kingdom Hearts three yet.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has yet to be released.

No, there's no game known as "Kingdom Hearts 3" yet.

kingdom hearts 3 has not been made yet but he will probally be in it

no not yet But they are making Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade Wars for Ps3

Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't been announced as a title yet.

there is no kingdom hearts 3 yet but the kingdom hearts for ds which is kingdom hearts 358\2 days will be coming out in September 29 2009

There is no Kingdom Hearts game with that title. The current games that have been announced are: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - 3DS (in development, no release date yet) Kingdom Hearts 3 - (not yet in development, no release date yet)

There is no telling yet. Kingdom Hearts 3 is'nt even out. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will be out this summer though. It will be on the PSP.

Kingdom Hearts 3, what the hell?! That's nowhere near out yet!

Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't even out yet. If you're talking about Kingdom Hearts 2, however, it's rated E10+ (Everyone 10+)

A game not out yet as of June 2010.

No, Kingdom Hearts 3 is not even in developement yet and will not be until at least Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance are finished and release.

The game Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't even out yet, so there isn't a manga anyways.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is undecided fora release yet but there probably will be one. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep however is NOT the third game.

first off Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't been decided yet. kingdom hearts 358/2 days is the only kingdom hearts game to be realised on DS and or DSi. Birth by Sleep is what most people prefer to as kingdom hearts 3 although it isn't will only be released on PSP

No, and a release date has yet to be announced.

While there hasn't been an official announcment about Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, it is almost certain that it will be for the PS3.

There is no continuation yet, but there is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. But there should be another as kingdom hearts is known to be a trilogy. only including official (meaning not CoM, or BBS, or anything with an actual new name to it.) games called simply, Kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts II, and will be, kingdom hearts III.

Roxas(Sora's Nobody) went back to Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2. As for what happens to him in Kingdom Hearts 3 no one knows because the game hasnt came out yet....

Kingdom Hearts 3 is yet to be a confirmed title by Square-Enix or Disney. It is therefore clear that there is no release date yet for the game. We have simply added this page in anticipation of there being an eventual title, and this will be the page to confirm a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date.

Not yet, but the next release is probably Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, available for the 3DS platform.

Who knows? Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of Kingdom Hearts, hasn't even started creating a third game yet. He says that a Kingdom Hearts 3 may come to reality in a couple years.

There hasn't been an official announcement regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 yet.

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