Is Lima an attraction in Peru?

Of course, Lima is a mixed pot of all Peru. It is historic because it has its roots in Inca`s Empire and the spaniers rule. Also, it is modern and beautiful with nice beaches. Lima has being nominated the capital of the gourmet food of Latin America in an international event of Madrid, Spain in 2007, it is due to the good taste of peruvian food, and also the adpatation of foreign food to our peruvian and andean taste. What to try? well: pisco sour and algarrobina(our national drinks), ceviche, causa, chicharrones, arroz con pato/arroz con pollo (rice with duck or chicken), papa a la huancaina, anticuchos, carapucra, aji de gallina. Also chifa (peruvian-chinese food), peruvian-italian food is great, and "fusion" food that is combining new flavors form anean ingredients. Do not forget the sweets with lucuma, maracuya, and more, much more