Is Linux easy to use

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"Ease of use" is highly subjective. Most people don't find Windows difficult to use, but Mac users like to claim that their system of choice is easier to use. Others find the Mac operating system difficult and awkward to use. Nobody is going to agree on whether one is easier to use than the other. And, in general, nobody agrees on whether or not Linux is easy to use, or if it is easier or more difficult to use than Windows.

Linux has the ability to use a graphical user interface, complete with a cursor, icons, and menus. Some Linux distributions are styled to look almost exactly like Windows. You are not required to know how to use the command line to use Linux. The command line, however, is the key to unlocking the power to any operating system, be it Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. So you would be well off learning to not be afraid of it.

Part of the stigma surrounding Linux is the myth that you need to know how to program to use it. This is not true. Programs for Linux are available pre-programmed and pre-built. The process of installing software is alien to Windows and Mac OS X users, but actually much simpler. To install programs, you use what is called a "package manager." A package manager basically presents a list of software that you can install or have installed already. You can choose the program you want to install, and the package manager will download it, install it, and make sure it has everything it needs to run. It will also check for updates, so you can always be running the newest version and get security updates as soon as they are available.

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Q: Is Linux easy to use
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How easy is it to use Skype on Linux systems?

Skype is very easy to use on Linux systems. Skype has a Linux version for download on its website. Simply click on the 'download now' link and follow the on screen instructions.

how to use the linux a friend of mine has computer the operating system is linux, please I though is easy I want to learn linux operating system please .I dont even know how to go to internet..please help me..?

use the begginers linux guide

Where is it possible to buy a computer with Linux ready installed?

Some private small stores do sell computers with Linux installed. Linux is in its original idea free for all and easy to download from official pages. An easy to use Linux version that is user friendly, to new users, is Ubuntu

Can you use Picasa Linux for free?

Yes, you can download and use Picasa Linux at no charge. You will find the free download on a number of sites, and it is very easy to download and only takes a couple of minutes.

How do you unlock a Linux kernel?

Linux kernels aren't "locked." If you want to make changes to it, you just have to recompile it from source. It has a fairly easy to use configuration program to aid you.

Where you can find a Linux Distribution?

Linux is not an operating system by itself. Just like you cannot install Windows you have to install Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can use the website in related links to find a list of active Linux Distributions. If I could recommend one I would recommend Linux Mint because it is easy to use.

What is aptitude in Linux?

Aptitude is console-based frontend to the APT package manager on Debian and Debain-based Linux systems. It's actually pretty powerful and easy to use.

How can one use Skype for Linux?

Skype is easy to use for people that prefer to utilize Linux operating systems. All a person has to do is follow the instructions included on Skype's website that detail the entire process from download to troubleshooting.

What are Pico and Joe editors?

They are both relatively easy-to-use text editors that are operated from a Linux or Unix console.

Does Linux use the kernel of Unix?

No, it is unix-based but Linux is a kernel not an operating system.Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Debian,and puppy Linux,ect. are OS's that use the Linux kernel.

How you run exe files in Linux?

To run exe files in Linux is easy and quick. All you have to do is go to Linux and download the files you want.

What are the advantages of SUSE Linux?

The only real advantage of SUSE Linux over other distros IMO is that windows users could install it and not be too lost. Although some other Linux OS are nearly as easy to use as SUSE now.

Which Linux distribution is easy to use?

This very much depends on what you are trying to do. As a general desktop with no particular goals, Redhat/Fedora, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu are more or less equally easy to use.

Where can you get an easy call waiting for Linux?

Try asterisk.

What is the Slackware Linux Project about?

Slackware Linux is an advanced Linux operating system designed for easy and simple use as well as great stabilities. The idea is to make a Unix-like Linux distribution and provides many development tools and features for those who like to web browse and those who want additional programs.

Who would be most ikely to use Linux operating system?

everyone can use linux

Where can one gain more information about how to use the Linux terminal?

The website Ubuntu has a community article titled "Using The Terminal" that can help teach you how to use Linux. Also, Linux Command is a website that will teach you how to use Linux.

What is the use of a Linux Virtual Machine?

The use of a Linux Virtual Machine is to run a copy of Linux on your current operation system. This will allow you to run various applications that only run on Linux.

What are the top three reasons to use NFS in Linux?

NFS in Linux provides a way to easily share information. It allows the user to save information in a cloud, so it is easy to access and back up the information.

What is the best Linux distribution for total beginners?

This is fairly subjective but: Linux Mint (fairly easy) Ubuntu (most popular) Arch Linux (very well documented)

Is the apache web server easy to use?

I can not answer this about the Windows version of Apache but if you use any version of Linux or UNIX it is real easy to set up. I t normally takes about 15 to 30 minutes for a newbie to set up Apache as a web server. There are literally hundreds of articles and videos on the web to help set up Apache. Many of the Linux distros has Apache as a part of their Linux Packages. All of the Linux distros has Apache in their repositories available for download. t depends on whether or not you are fluent in UNIX, most people are not these days since it is more kin to windows DOS than Vista or 7. If you are not and wondering what the world UNIX is then it is not going to be easy to use.

How easy is it to use Linux operating system?

As with all operating systems (be they Windows or Linux), there is a period of learning to become familiar with the chosen OS. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are two OS often recommended for beginners. As the various distributions radiating out from the Linux kernel are free to download and use (even to copy and pass on to friends!), it is not usual to try several varieties before settling on one - Ubuntu 14.04 in my case.

Where can one learn how to use Linux?

There are many available resources that can assist an individual with learning how to use Linux. A couple resources that can assist an individual with learning how to use Linux include: Wikihow and Linuxcommand.

What is the easiest version of Linux to use?

I have used various distributions of Linux such as RedHat/Fedora, SuSE and ubuntu and somehow I find Ubuntu the easiest amongst these in terms of HCI. Ubuntu has got good community support, great package management system and its very easy to use.

Is there tax software for Linux anywhere?

There are several different tax software compatible with Linux. You can use Tax Act. Is another software that people use when the Linux is not available.