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Is Loestrin 1-20 an effective method of birth control even though it is such a low dose?

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Effectiveness of Loestrin 1-20All Birth Control pills are effective, but not all women can take the same pill. For some women certain pills don't work or are too strong. If you are worried, talk to the doctor that gave them to you and use back up in the meantime.

The only difference between low doses and higher is that with lower doses you have a greater chance of getting breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding between periods.

Also, the dosage can be a problem is if you switch from a high dose to a lower one, then you can get pregnant.

From a loestrin user-- I take loestrin and its very good. I advise low dosage. If ur doctor subscribes it to yu then yu should trust ur doc. At 1st its a lil nausiating but after a month or 2 that goes away.. and yes its normal to spot betwen ur period.. it should be very light.

*personal experience* i took that pill and i never got pregnant, until after i stopped taking it, so if u dont want to get pregnant then dont stop lol

2011-01-20 02:11:04
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Q: Is Loestrin 1-20 an effective method of birth control even though it is such a low dose?
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What methods are not effective method of contraception?

With the exception of abstinence or radical surgery, no mechanical or chemical method of birth control is 100% effective, though most modern contraceptives are very reliable.Less so is using the so called rhythm method or coitus interuptus (pulling out).

How safe is the pull out method when on birth control?

If you're on Birth Control and using the Withdrawal Method then you're at the very least as safe as you would be on Birth Control. If you look at it as a percentage though... Less sperm in the vagina reduces the possibility of pregnancy and Birth Control lessens the possibility of Pregnancy as well. So, in effect, you're safer. -Note: The Withdrawal Method is not an effective form of contraceptive.

How effective is Retin A in treating acne?

Retin A is a effective method to treat bad acne. This medicine though can only be given from a doctor.

Which is better natural or artificial method of birth control?

It depends on your definition of "better". For someone with moral, ethical or religious beliefs that make it impossible to embrace "artificial" birth control methods, then the "natural" methods are perhaps best. Ultimately, though, "natural" methods like the "mucus method" or "rhythm method" are less effective than medical methods like "the pill" or IUDs or sterilization.

If you take the morning after pill and contiue to take the birth control pill is the birth control still effective for the rest of the month?

If you had missed a pill or been late with a pill, causing you to take the morning after pill, then you should use a back up method of birth control for the next seven days. If you didn't forget a pill or take a pill late, then I'm not sure why you took the morning after pill, but the birth control pill will still be effective even though you took the morning after pill. The morning after pill doesn't make the birth control pill less effective.

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What is the best birth control for an engaged couple?

I'd suggest a birth control pill. But, a condom is effective, as well, though many couples don't want to use one. The same birth control used out-of-engagement is the same for engage couples.

Is the birth control pill still effective against pregnancy even though it may be messing up your menstrual cycle?

If you're taking the birth control pill correctly, irregular bleeding is not a sign of decreased effectiveness.

What are your chances of pregnancy after ten years of your tubal?

Though considered the most effective birth control you can still get pregnant the longer ago you had the surgery the better your chances are to get pregnant.

Is dieting effecting?

Yes, it is effective. Diet and exercise together are most effective though.

If you weren't on birth control for very long and your boyfriend and you had unprotected sex even though he used the pullout method can you still get pregnant?

To answer your question, yes because he has already released a small amount inside you already.With the birth control it will depend on how long you have been off the pill for it to matter.But remember this the pill is only 95% effective in some cases. To answer your question, yes because he has already released a small amount inside you already.With the birth control it will depend on how long you have been off the pill for it to matter.But remember this the pill is only 95% effective in some cases.

How effective are spermicide condoms?

Spermicidal condoms are very effective providing they do not rip or tear..1 percent according to condom labels. Condoms are 99.9 percent effective. Word of advice from a single mom though, go get birth control and always use a condom. Better to be super safe, than not.

If you have been on birth control for nine days and you thought you were pregnant Would you still be pregnant?

Yes, you still may be pregnant. No birth control method is 100% percent effective, including the pill, and even the most effective rarely reach their full effectiveness unless taken for over 1 month. Taking other medications besides the pill can sometimes, though rarely, render the pill ineffective, which is why it's important to inform your prescribing doctor of any and all medications that you take normally. It's imperative to practice safe sexual practices by using more than one method of birth control, i.e. taking a birth control pill and using a condom (as the pill does not protect against diseases, a condom is a good idea anyway). If you are on the pill and are late with your period, skipping it entirely, or bleeding a lot (some spotting is generally normal, but if the amount of blood is concerning you, then it's an issue) while you are taking it, you should consult with a medical professional immediately. Remember, NO method of birth control is 100% effective. It is possible to be on a birth control pill and use a condom, and still get pregnant; but it is much more likely to happen if you are not practicing safe sex.

If you have a tubal ligation done nine months ago and missed three periods and do not use protection with your partner is there a possibility of having a tubal pregnancy or regular pregnancy?

Even though tubal ligation is an extremely effective method of birth control with a less than 1% failure rate, there is still a chance of pregnancy with any birth control method. Missing 3 periods is definitely an indication for taking a pregnancy test. The chance of an ectopic pregnancy is much higher after a tubal ligation but carrying a normal pregnancy is still possible.

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Condoms are 99% effective but all it takes is that 1% or it breaks and you're pregnant! The best combination is condoms and birth control pills.

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What is the only contraceptive method that is 100 safe against pregnancy and transfer of STD's?

The only one hundred percent effective method is is abstinance. That may sound like a fllip answer but it is true.Answeri don't think there are any 100 percent effective contraceptives you should Google the word contarceptive and see what the options are. in my opinion and experience the best method is to use condoms and the contaceptive pill though both have their faultsAbstinence.Abstaining from oral, anal, and vaginal sex as well as from genital-genital contact is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs. To prevent pregnancy, it's enough to abstain from vaginal sex.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while taking the pill?

The pill is not 100% effective (no birth control methods are 100% effective) so it's possible that you could be pregnant. The chances are low though. To further lower your chances of getting pregnant, perhaps consider also using condoms or another form of birth control (that won't clash with the pill, ie. something non-hormonal) such as the cap.

Can your birth control still be effective even though you acctendly forgot your regular time and have been takin it an hour later for two weeks now?

Yes it can, provided you didn't completely miss any doses.

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