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Is Loestrin 1-20 an effective method of birth control even though it is such a low dose?

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2011-01-20 02:11:04
2011-01-20 02:11:04
Effectiveness of Loestrin 1-20All birth control pills are effective, but not all women can take the same pill. For some women certain pills don't work or are too strong. If you are worried, talk to the doctor that gave them to you and use back up in the meantime.

The only difference between low doses and higher is that with lower doses you have a greater chance of getting breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding between periods.

Also, the dosage can be a problem is if you switch from a high dose to a lower one, then you can get pregnant.

From a loestrin user-- I take loestrin and its very good. I advise low dosage. If ur doctor subscribes it to yu then yu should trust ur doc. At 1st its a lil nausiating but after a month or 2 that goes away.. and yes its normal to spot betwen ur period.. it should be very light.

*personal experience* i took that pill and i never got pregnant, until after i stopped taking it, so if u dont want to get pregnant then dont stop lol

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If you're on Birth Control and using the Withdrawal Method then you're at the very least as safe as you would be on Birth Control. If you look at it as a percentage though... Less sperm in the vagina reduces the possibility of pregnancy and Birth Control lessens the possibility of Pregnancy as well. So, in effect, you're safer. -Note: The Withdrawal Method is not an effective form of contraceptive.

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Retin A is a effective method to treat bad acne. This medicine though can only be given from a doctor.

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It depends on your definition of "better". For someone with moral, ethical or religious beliefs that make it impossible to embrace "artificial" birth control methods, then the "natural" methods are perhaps best. Ultimately, though, "natural" methods like the "mucus method" or "rhythm method" are less effective than medical methods like "the pill" or IUDs or sterilization.

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If you had missed a pill or been late with a pill, causing you to take the morning after pill, then you should use a back up method of birth control for the next seven days. If you didn't forget a pill or take a pill late, then I'm not sure why you took the morning after pill, but the birth control pill will still be effective even though you took the morning after pill. The morning after pill doesn't make the birth control pill less effective.

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