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no not even close to being broke. he is in debt but since he has passed away his records have been selling and all different kinds of merchandise. since poor Michael is no longer spending his money it will multiply and he will sooner or later pay off al his debts.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:06:29
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Q: Is Michael Jackson broke
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How broke is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is dead.

How old was Michael Jackson when the Jackson 5 broke up?

He was in his mid twenties when they broke up.

Was Michael Jackson ever broke?

No, way

Is Michael Jackson related to The Jackson 5?

Yes. Michael Jackson Was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, until he broke up with them to play alone.

Who broke up with Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley

Who broke the news to the media that Michael Jackson had died?

Why did Michael Jackson break up the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson broke up with the Jackson 5 so he could have his solo career and get away from his father being the manager.

Why was Michael Jackson important to MTV?

Michael broke racial barriers on the prominently white station.

Is there a video when Michael Jackson fell on stage and broke his nose?

No. He broke his nose while filming the Wiz.

Why did Michael Jackson want plastic surgery?

Because he broke his nose.

How did Michael Jackson break his leg?

He broke his leg while he was in the shower

When did Michael Jackson quite the Jackson 5?

Jackson 5 broke up their group in 1990. He never actually quit.

When did Michael Jackson get surgery?

Michael Jackson's first surgery was in 1979, when he broke his nose in a dance session.

Is you true that Michael Jackson broke his nose so had plastic surgery?


Is Michael Jackson a billionare?

Michael Jackson, as famous as he is, was 500 Million dollars in debt. So, even if he WAS a billionaire, he was sort of going broke by the time he died

How did Michael Jackson help black people?

Michael broke many musical racial barriers. If it were not for Michael black people would not be on MTV.

Why did Michael Jackson change his nose?

he fell while on stage as a boy and broke his nose

Why Michael Jackson broke up with paul McCartney?

Because they have never been married?

Why Michael Jackson achievements are important in black History?

During his life and career Michael broke many racial barriers.

Did Michael Jackson break any bones?

He broke his leg when he fell off a stage and he broke his nose when he fell during a dance rehearsal.

What did Michael Jackson do after he broke up with the Jackson's?

He immediately went to work on launching his solo career.

Did Michael Jackson become broke after giving a lot of money to the charity?

No because he was so rich

In what year did Michael Jackson release the hit song Ben?

Michael Jackson recorded and released the song Ben in 1972 on the Motown label. It was his very first number one hit after he broke away from The Jackson Five.

Why is marlon Jackson so broke?

Marlon Jackson is not broke.

What Michael Jackson album has the most number one singles?

Bad; It broke a record & everything. GOOGLE IT!