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yes papa johns peperoni has goat meat in it,but it has other meats in it too.

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Wrong, the ingredients are listed on their web site... /company/papa-johns-ingredients-meats.html

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Q: Is Papa John's pepperoni made with goat meat?
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Is pepperoni made from goat meat?

Pepperoni is not usually made from goat meat, but it could be possible. Pepperoni is often made from pork and beef.

Is Papa John's pepperoni made with pork?


Is godfathers pizza pepperoni made with goat meat?


Is pepperoni made from a goat?

No, it is not. You can't even spell definitely, why would anyone believe that CRAP?

Does pepperoni come from a goat?

Answer: Pepperoni is made from cured and fermented pork. In the US it can also be a mix of beef, pork and chicken. It's a form of salami.

Is Papa John's pepporoni made with goat meat?

Nop it's salami

What breed of goats are pepperoni made from?

The breed is swine. Pepperoni is made from pork. Now, when I had goats I made pepperoni with my meat, chevon, but, commercially, pepperoni is pork

What animal is pepperoni made from?

Pepperoni is a pork sausage.

Is pepperoni made from sheep?

Pepperoni is a sausage made from beef and pork mixed.

What is pepperoni made of?

Pepperoni is usually made of pork or they are raw cow skin

Is all pepperoni pork?

Not all pepperoni is made of pork, you can buy it made with beef or turkey. If it's not specifically labeled beef or turkey pepperoni though, it's probably made of pork.

What is dominoes pepperoni made of?


What types of pizza does Papa John's offer?

Papa Johns offers an unlimited variation in pizzas with the exception of specialty pizzas made out of sweets or having pineapples. Other than the previously mentioned specialty pizzas, papa John's will complete almost any requested type of pizza.

What r the types of pepperoni?

Pork, Turkey, Halal or kosher pepperoni which may be made from beef or poultry.

What is pepperoni is made out?

Pepperoni is made out of a animal meat. Usually Cow or Pig Meat. Sometimes its fake though like cafeteria food.

What is goat cheese made out of?

It's made from goat's milk.

Does papa johns use real sausage?

Yes, papa johns does use real sausage...or so they say on their website it says "We're committed to using only authentic, superior-quality meats on our pizzas. Our beef and sausage are made with 100% beef and pork" So I'd assume they do use real sausage otherwise that would be false advertising...

What is brown goat cheese made of?


Where did pepperoni originate?

Pepperoni originated in the country of America. This food is the American version of salami and is made of either pork and beef.

What was the st johns church made of?

The st johns church was made out of Sandstone, which is a type of sedimentary rock.

Using Papa Johns Pizza Coupons For A Quality Meal?

Papa Johns Pizza has become one of the most popular restaurants in the United States. The company was originally founded by one of the creators of another popular chain of restaurants who felt that it was possible to provide a better product. Ultimately, customers have decided that there is room for both Papa Johns Pizza and its predecessor, with both chains enjoying widespread success in a variety of towns and cities across the country. Part of what has driven the success of the restaurant is not only the attention paid to the quality of the ingredients, but also the availability of Papa Johns Pizza coupons that can bring the cost of a meal more in line with a family budget. Whether or not Papa Johns Pizza coupons are being used, the pizza is consistently made with a certain quality of ingredients. The tomato sauce that is used is made from tomatoes that are grown in California and that are packed quickly after being harvested. It is not made from tomato concentrate or other artificial products. The dough is made fresh and then delivered to local restaurants, after which it is tossed by hand just before being baked. The same attention is paid to the meats and vegetables that are used as toppings. They are specifically never frozen or freeze-dried, and are delivered fresh to the stores as needed. What has helped to make Papa Johns Pizza so popular is that part of the vision of the company is to make the quality food affordable. Frequently, Papa Johns Pizza coupons are made available online and in local flyers. The coupons generally either offer a discount on a single pizza with special toppings, or they can more commonly apply to a larger meal. Valuable Papa Johns Pizza coupons can give discounts on multiple pizzas, or combinations of pizza with some of the other side order items on the menu like breadsticks. Since Papa Johns Pizza coupons are available in so many forms, often it is not even necessary to have a physical coupon if one is found online. This makes it convenient for the company because they offer delivery in most areas, and it removes the burden of collecting the coupons from customers. Whether being used for a single pizza, or a large family meal with side dishes, Papa Johns Pizza coupons are a very valuable commodity.

Where did goat cheese originate?

Goat cheese is made from milk that is from a dairy goat.

Is pepperoni pork?

It's a salami made of pork and beef

What is goat cheese?

Cheese made with goat milk!

Who made Pepperion?

Pepperoni originated from Southern Italy in the town of Naples. Today pepperoni is the most popular choice for a topping on American pizza.