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It's pronounced "Porsha" because it is a family name, and that's the way they pronounce it. Your location and/or the language have nothing to do with it.


Greetings from FRG

neither, it is pronaunced like written.

Porsche is is Porsch with an middlelong e on the end.

For US Folks try to say Porchshe.

The Porch should sound soft the she like sholastic

If you can´t get it just call Germany

(0049) 711 9110 and let the Telefonist

clarify how to speak Porsche.

Mostly the start to answer the phoncall with:

Guten Tag Porsche AG....

at least while you call around the usuall German

buisnes time from 7 to 19.


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Q: Is Porsche pronounced porsha or porsh?
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How is the name Porsche pronounced?

Porsh or Porsha'

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Is porsh french?

If you mean the car Porsche, then no, it's manufactured in Germany. If you don't then I don't know what you're trying to ask, because Porsh isn't a word in any language that I can think of.

What does the name porsha mean?

I believe you are referring to Porsche the German car company. Porsche stands for offering however that is not why the company is named that. In fact Porsche was founded by a man name Ferdinand Porsche. This is where the name is from.

How do you pronounce Porsche?

While many in the US and the UK incorrectly pronounce it as 'porsh', the brand and surname is correctly pronounced as a two-syllable word, 'POR-shuh'. This can be confirmed by calling any Porsche dealership anywhere in the world and noting how the person on the other end answers the phone. --------------------------------------------------------- Por-shuh can seem pretentious. Porsh(uh), where the last (uh) is more of a breath sound, and therefore almost silent, is much closer.

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