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Unless you are using onboard (Motherboard) graphics they are totally different

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Q: Is RAM on a graphics card your total ram or are they two different things?
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How do you recognize which of the things in your computer is your graphics card?

You will have to look at the manufactureres specifications for your card.

Where can one purchase a GTX690 Graphics card?

There are a wide variety of different places where one can purchase a GTX690 Graphics card. The best place to find the graphics card is at a local electronics store such as Best Buy.

I have a DDR1 RAM in my PC and want to buy a graphics card Can I go for a DDR2 graphics card or should the RAM type in the graphics card match the RAM in the main memory of the PC?

Nope it doesn't matter what kind of ram you have in your graphics card as they are used for different things What does matter is what type of slots your computer has. Mine, for example, has slots only for PCI cards and I must buy PCI. You can find out what type of slots your computer has by calling TigerDirect. Start with what type of graphics card your computer can use.

What is a grahpic card?

A graphics card is a part within your computer that powers the graphics in games, the video monitors, rendering and generally displaying things on the screen. Some motherboards have something called "on board graphics" and that means that the graphics come with the motherboard.

How do you find the MB of your graphics card?

The computer can be used to find the MB of the graphics card. The graphic card is usually mounted on the graphics card reader. The MB of the graphic card can be read by looking at the drive of the graphics card.

What does a video board do?

The graphics card is the component used to display images to your monitor. It is used more than just for games. Without the graphics card, there is no output to your monitor. Back in the old days, we used to call these things "video cards", which made it more obvious as to what these things do.Now different graphics cards have different capabilities. Some graphics cards, as an example, cannot support games that uses DirectX8 and above. Some graphics cards support multiple monitors; others do not. Some graphics cards can do full-scene antialiasing; others do not. The capabilities of the different cards can vary; and how well they do it also varies.

How do i find out what graphics card driver to download when i don't know what graphics card i have?

Step 1. Find out what graphics card you have.

Where is a graphics card?

If you have an external graphics card, it will be located in the agp slot on your motherboard. If you open the case on your computer, you should be able to see it. The agp slot is often at the top of and of a different colour to the PCI slots. Cards which are mounted on the motherboard are called onboard graphics cards and are a different matter. Consult your motherboard manual for layout and for where the onboard graphics card should be.

How can you find more information about the best graphics card?

Information on the best graphics card can be found online from many different sources, especially those that compare graphics cards. One good source for the best graphics cards is PC World.

How does an AGP graphics card work?

AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. This type of graphics card provides a dedicated way for your computer to communicate with your graphics card.

Do you need a graphics card?

Yes, a graphics card is essential for any computer. Without a graphics card the monitor would not be usable, as it is the graphics card that turns data fed to it into data which can be displayed as pixels on a screen. Even if you think you do not have a graphics card, you are probably wrong, as computers are manufactured with graphics cards mounted on their motherboards.

What does Graphics Card stand for?

A graphics card is not a acronym therefore it does not particularly stand for anything. A graphics card or video card is the electronic board or unit that produces the graphics and video images that are to be displayed on a monitor/tv screen.

I need a laptop that can play napoleon total war can you recommend one?

you will have to buy a graphics card but any laptop can take it. A graphics card would cost £30 -£40 but it is well worth it.

What graphics card would you need to run Empire Total War on high settings?

You need at least 512 mb of vram on your graphics card. If you have 256, you cant go above medium.

How do you locate graphics card?

Locate the connector where the CRT plugs in. If it plugs in to a separate card, that's the graphics card. If it plugs in directly to the motherboard then the graphics card is integral to the motherboard.

What is the use of graphics card?

Your graphics card helps you see the information you are putting in your computer. Your graphics card also helps you watch videos online.

Do i have to have graphics card for World of Warcraft?

yes! They are really important in world of warcraft. no graphics card = no graphics in wow.

Can a tv be used as a graphics card?

Simple answer, no, you need a graphics card in your system.

What if you do not have a graphics card?

If you do not have a graphics card, you will be unable to receive visual output from the computer.

Will morrowind run on vista without a graphics card?

No, a graphics card is necessary

When was Hercules Graphics Card created?

Hercules Graphics Card was created in 1982.

What will my graphic card run?

to know what your graphics card can handle we need to kno what kind of graphics card you have

How do you know whether a graphics card is contained in your CPU or not?

A graphics card is found on your mother board. Your Central Processing unit is completely different I'm afraid. An integrated graphics card means it will be used as RAM if its not needed anywhere else. Dedicated Graphics is naturally better than Integrated but it can only be used as graphics power. I'm not entirely sure what you were trying to get from this. But I hope this helps

What is the difference between integrated graphics and a graphics card?

A graphics card plugs into your computer, integrated means the graphics chip is ready installed on the motherboard.

How do you play counter stike source without graphics card?

Counter strike has pretty amazing graphics, so you cannot play CSS w/out a graphics card. You can play CS 1.6 without a graphics card but CS:S is impossible to play unless you have a graphics card.