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Q: Is Sarah from America's Next Top Model in Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes tv commerical?
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How was crunchy nut cornflakes launched?

Not sure.

Is Crunchy Nut Cornflakes healthy?

Sure, whatever tickles your fancy!

How many Calories in bowl crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk?


What is the protein for crunchy nut cornflakes?

8 grams of protein per 100 grams of cereal

What food group does crunchy nut cornflakes belong to?

it consists mainly of grain and sugar, which is carbohydrate

What is the name of the black actor in the latest Crunchy Nut cereal commerical where the Crunchy Nut crusader swings in and hands him a bowl of cereal?

His name is Andy Spencer.

Can you use crunchy nut in a chocolate cornflake cake?

Crunchy nut cornflakes work just as well as normal cornflakes. I've used them before. They do taste slightly different though, and more nutty. Because of that, I'd make sure your kids like them first before using them in the cakes.

Why do you like corn flakes?

i like cornflakes because i like corn and the taste of them.Also i like them because they are crunchy and can be a quick snack.II DNTI like cornflakes because they taste like my nans vaginal herpesShut up fool that's disgusting go die!!

What is a simile for crunchy?

As crunchy as crisps

What are rice crispys?

'Rice Krispies' is a brand name by Kelloggs. It is a cereal consisting of puffed rice balls which as crunchy. In milk, the rice reacts by popping audibly, making the cereal popular with children and thus giving the idea for Kelloggs' slogan 'Snap, Crackle and Pop!' 'Coco Pops' are Rice Krispies with chocolate coatings, and 'Riciles' are Rice Krispies with sugar coatings.

What do people put in oatmeal?

Some people put fruits in oatmeal. I put fruits like strawberries with cornflakes for a small crunchy bite with sugar or I'll substitute the fruit with raisins. It's sooo delicious.

Are nuts crunchy?

nuts are not crunchy

Which word describes crunchy food?

The words crunchy and crisp describe crunchy food.

Why are sugar cookies crunchy?

Sugar cookies are crunchy because of the crunchy texture of the flour.

Is cinnamon crunchy?

No cinnamon is not crunchy it is kind of powder.

Why are beetles crunchy?

Because they have shells with crunchy stuff in

As crunchy as what?

Some things are as crunchy as a handful of dry rice, crunchy enough to break your teeth open. Other things are as crunchy as a bowl of granola cereal.

What is William moseley favorite food?

William Moseley stated in an interview that he doesn't really have a favorite food, however he did mention that he is a fan of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. William is most well-known for playing Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Is crunchy a noun?

The word crunchy is an adjective that describes a noun as crisp, brittle:Crunchy foods make a loud noise when you bite them.The noun form for the adjective crunchy is crunchiness.

How crunchy is mash?

Not crunchy at all if you've done it right

Why do people like crunchy foods?

cuz they r crunchy

What is a crunchy green vegetable?

celery is crunchy and its a vegetable. lettuce.

How crunchy is captain crunch?

Oh.... Yes very crunchy

What makes a vegetable crunchy?

The same thing that makes nuts crunchy.

Are tomatoes crunchy after they have been in an oven?

They dont get crunchy- they get softer and juicier.