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It was taught to me in my senior year of high school. It was part of my health class. In my state sex ed is part of health class in middle school. It

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Q: Is Sex Education taught in US schools?
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Do you learn about sex in year 5?

That's true in our school district, but some schools in the US don't offer any form of sex education at all.

What subjects are taught in French schools?

Literally the same as us!

When did single sex schools originate in the US?

Single-sex schools started in the US as soon as schools started, because people in the 1600s and 1700s did not believe in educating girls, especially in the college level.

Should schools teach comprehensive sexual education because it is more effective than abstinence- only programs?

Yes absolutely! Sex education has proved to work and is used in most countries today so if the US is unsre of what would work they can always learn from many years of teaching sex ed in schools in other countries.

How did the puritans influence our education system?

they helped us understand it and taught us more

How did sputnik impact education in the US?

Sputnik made schools modernize their curiculums. The advanced studies in engineering had to be taught. Because of Sputnik there was new methods of teaching. Students could learn this technology.

What did the Aztecs give us?

Mandatory education, chocolate, antispasmodic education, oh and, blah blah blah sex, blah blah blah, sex, blah blah blah,...SEX!!!

What courses are taught in us high schools?

I want to know what exact subjects and courses are thought in usa high schools. Because I am immigrating to us and I have finished 10th grade.

What did the religious right object to in US culture and politics and what steps did it take to try to try to change things?

The religious right in the US objected to the evolution being taught in schools and sexual education being taught to children. To try and change things the religious right capitalized on the media by making headlines and putting out print ads.

What were the First Schools in the US?

The first schools in the U.S. were public schools set up in the original colonies during the 17th century. Prior to the public schools, parents taught their children at home and in church.

Who has the better education US or china?

USA because we have more money on education and in schools for students to do better jobs.

Are schools outside the us or not funded by the us accredited by the us dept of education?

I've heard that they are not, Cambridge University (the oldest school in Britan) is one of these schools, are these things true?

Is Korean taught in any US high school?

In some US schools yes. Some schools that I've known of teaches Japanese, French and Spanish mainly. But I am pretty sure that some schools also teach Korean.

What is it about sex education that scares us so much?

The awkward truth of the subject.

How many children are homeschooled in the United States today?

There are lots of parents in the US today who are religious and don't want there children taught in secular (often atheistic) schools where the government no longer allows "God" into the classrooms. Many other parents just feel that the quality of education in public schools robs their children of quality education. For these reasons, and possibly others, there are thousands of children home schooled in the US but the number isn't quantified.

What is the average educational level in the US?

the education in USA is mostly in schools, college, and homes. The education level is very high in USA.

How did the supreme court ruling in the case of brown v the Topeka board of education affect education in the US?

Abolished segregation in schools

Why is US History class only taught through the Vietnam war?

The statement that US history is not taught past the Vietnam War is not correct. US colleges and secondary schools have quite different US history boundaries. There is a mass of US history running past the War in Vietnam.

How is religious education permitted in US public schools and universities?

Study of comparative religion.

Is education in Mexico more advanced than the US?

As for public schools, no. Both are equally bad.

How are Sweden schools different in Sweden than us?

Schools in Sweden provide free food to all students and teachers. It is free to get education in Sweden.

Should I send my child to Denton ISD?

Several Denton ISD schools have been named blue ribbon schools by the US Department of Education over the years and all the schools rank high in the Texas Education Agency's reviews/rankings year after year.

What type of education did Omar Nelson Bradley have growing up?

He attended schools where his father taught in Missouri (until his father died when Bradley was 15). He graduated from Moberly High School, and went on to attend college at the US Military Academy (West Point).

In what year was segregation in schools made illegal?

The US Supreme Court declared segregation in pubic schools unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education, (1954), and ordered the schools integrated in Brown v. Board of Education II, (1955).

How many public and private high schools are there in the US?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 132,656 schools up to year 2007