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Q: Is South Carolina spouse restricted state for collections?
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Related questions

What states are non spousal states for debt collections?

There are at least 5 states where a debt collector is prohibited from speaking to a spouse: Iowa, South Carolina, Massacgysetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. With Iowa there is an exception, however. If the debt collector is initiating contact then they can't speak with them but if the spouse is initiating contact they can.

Is wife responsible for dead husband medical bills in South Carolina?

The spouse is not directly responsible, unless they have co-signed for the services. The estate is responsible for settling all medical bills in South Carolina. So before the spouse can inherit anything, the estate has to pay the bills.

Is a spouse in South Carolina liable for another spouses debts?

In most cases, yes, the spouse will be responsible. They are considered to have benefited from the goods and services.

Does a new spouse's income get taken into account when calculating child support in south Carolina?

In general, no. The new spouse isn't responsible for children of a prior relationship.

If a spouse dies leaving everything to his children what are the rights of the surviving spouse in S C?

In South Carolina the surviving spouse can file an election to take a share of the husband's estate. The state will grant her a statutory share.

Who is the next of kin in South Carolina grandchildren or siblings?

If the decedent left no spouse, issue or parents then the siblings would be next in line. You can read the provisions of the intestacy statute of South Carolina at the link provided below.

Do children automatically inherit their parents property in South Carolina?

The spouse normally takes priority on property. If there is a will it will take precedence.

Why do you call South Carolina South Carolina?

We call South Carolina south Carolina because that its name and its in a south direction.

Is North Carolina south of South Carolina?

North Carolina is north of South Carolina.

North Carolina is to South Carolina as you to South Dakota?

North Carolina is to South Carolina as North Dakota is to South Dakota

What state is South of North Carolina?

South Carolina is south of North Carolina.

How many aquariums are there in South Carolina?

There is only one aquarium in South Carolina. It is the South Carolina Aquarium that is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

What is North Carolina is to South Carolina as blank is to South Dakota?

It is an analogy. North Carolina is to South Carolina as North Dakota is to South Dakota.

North Carolina is to South Carolina as is to South Dakota?

North Carolina is to South Carolina as is to North Dakotais to South Dakota.

what are the names of cities in South Carolina do not have the letter e in their name?

· Darlington, South Carolina · Hanahan, South Carolina · Rock Hill, South Carolina · Union, South Carolina · Woodruff, South Carolina · York, South Carolina

How far is it from South Carolina to Beaufort South Carolina?

Well Beaufort is in South Carolina...

Are there deer in South Carolina?

The native deer in South Carolina are white-tailed deer. They are quite common throughout the state.

If live in South Carolina can you file for divorce in Georgia?

Why not at south carolina? As you are living in south carolina,it will be better for you to file divorce at carolina. The answer is no. You will have to file for your divorce in South Carolina but you have to have resided in South Carolina for at least one year.

What state was Josh Turner born in?

Hannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South CarolinaHannah, South Carolina

Are the Carolina panthers from north or South Carolina?

They are from South Carolina

Where is South Carolina State located?

South Carolina State is located in the state of South Carolina.

Why did Anthony Ashely Cooper found South Carolina?

who was the founder of South Carolina? was the founder of South Carolina Anthony Ashely Cooper? when was South Carolina established?

When were North Carolina South Carolina founded and by whom?

North Carolina and South Carolina was founded by King Charles I and North Carolina was founded in 1653, and South Carolina was founded in 1663.

What is the halfway point between Lexington South Carolina and Bennettsville South Carolina?

Midlands is the halfway point between Lexington South Carolina and Bennettsville south Carolina.

When was the University of South Carolina chartered?

The University of South Carolina was opened in 1805 in Columbia, South Carolina.

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