Is Sri Lanka sinhalese

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Sri Lanka is in Indian ocean. It is a small island. Major nation in sri lanka is Sinhala.

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Q: Is Sri Lanka sinhalese
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What is the major ethnic group in Sri Lanka?


What is the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka?


What are the two groups in conflict in Sri Lanka?

Tamil and Sinhalese

Nearly 75 percent of Sri Lanka's population is?


Where was there civil unrest between the Tamils and the Sinhalese?

Sri Lanka.

The Buddhist majority population of Sri Lanka is known as the?


What are the two ethnic groups in Sri Lanka?

The sinhalese and Tamils

What are people from Sri Lanka called?

There are different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese form the largest group. The Tamils are a large minority. The Vedda people are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

Where is Sinhala an official language?

Sinhalese is the offical language in Sri Lanka.

What are two major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka?

Sinhalese and Tamil.

What language of India is also spoken in Sri Lanka?

TamilTamilSinhalese and Tamil are the official languages of Sri Lanka.

What is the word hima come from?

Sinhalese for snow. Sinhalese is the native language in Sri Lanka, so that's how you get Himalaya Mountains.

When did the sinhaleese come to Sri Lanka?

From the beginning of the indu-Nimna Civilization Sinhalese (four Helayan) domicile in sri lanka.History of Sinhalese goes more than 30000 years ago.

Why british gave power to sinhalese in sri lanka?

They are the majority and the oldest ethnic group.

The people of which island country southeast of India are predominantly Sinhalese?

It's Sri Lanka

Yes in Sri Lanka?

In sinhalese,Yes is "ow". It is pronounced like O W.

Can you read from sinhalese language in Sri Lanka?

PErhaps you cant do that. Because of it is a complicated language.

Why did they have a Sri Lanka civil war?

Because the sinhalese people were so greedy they wanted the country sri lanka which originally belonged to Tamil people the sinhalese originated from another country, so then the Tamil tigers (LTTE) tried to fight for a part of sri lanka called Tamil eelam however the sinhalese people still wanted the whole country and the selfish stupid man called rajapakshit declared a war.

What is sinhalese?

Sinhalese, also known as Sinhala, is the native language of the Sinhalese people, the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka - the language has around 16 million native speakers.

How do you say I am From sri lanka in Sri Lanka?

As Sri Lanka is a multinational country, there are many ways to express the same in several languages. It could be said as "mama sri lankawen" in Sinhalese (මම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවෙන්) and " naan ilankayan" (நான் இலங்கையன்) in Tamil.

What happened between the Sinhalese and the Tamils after Sri Lanka gained Independence?

still civil war

Where do you find a Sinhalese Missal?

You can buy one from the Bishop House in Archdiocese of Colombo,Sri Lanka.

What is the main cause of civil strife in Sri Lanka?

Ethnic conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese

Who discovered Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankans discovered Sri Lanka :-). Seriously, this question is like "Who discovered England?". Sri Lankans, known as Sinhalese at the time, have lived in Sri Lanka for over 2,500 years and have written records about their history since 500 BC. Chinese and Arabs traded with Sri Lanka between 10-15th Century AD and since then Sri Lanka was occupied by Portuguese, Dutch and English, and was given independence in 1948.

How do you say goodbye in Sri Lanka?

sinhalese. Gihilla ennang. Tamil: poayitu vaaran

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