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I have worked for a major national wireless company, and had wireless service through 3 other carriers, and in addition, I work in a 911 dispatch center. I have never heard of *677 being used to dial 911, though this may be the proper number in your area. In some areas there is a * (star) code used to get in touch with the highway patrol or other services. You can find out about these * (star) codes by watching the road signs on the highway...they will say something like "Dial *SHP for Highway Patrol."

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you dial 911 from your wireless phone, most areas do not yet have the technology to trace your call, so you will need to be able to provide the 911 operator with accurate information about your location. If you are on the highway look to the side of the road for the small mile marker signs so you can tell them what mile marker you are at (usually an exit number on an interstate is the same as the mile marker)...also be sure to tell them if you are in the north/south/east/west bound lane. The location should be the FIRST information you provide the 911 operator so that they can get police and/or ambulance/fire dispatched immediately and then gather more information as they are enroute.


"I am on I-75 South at the 242 mile marker and I need an ambulance." Then go on to describe the you are talking the dispatcher will be getting help on the way. If you spend 2 minutes describing the situation before you give the location, that is 2 minutes longer that it will take for help to get there. Details can be gathered and relayed by radio to police, fire and ambulance while they are on the way to the scene.

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Q: Is Star 677 the standard 911 equivalent for cell phones or do different carriers use different numbers?
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