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Yes, Straterra can be effective for adults. Not all patients react the same to this or any medication however, so results will vary among patients. Appropriate management by a physician who knows your personal medical history will be important for optimal results.

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Q: Is Straterra effective for adults
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30mg in amphetamine how much would it be in straterra mg?

30 mg in amphetamine is 40 mg in straterra mg.

What alternative to otoplasty do adults have?

There are no effective alternatives to otoplasty in treating ear deformities or injuries in adults.

Can you use crack cocaine with straterra?


Can adults take kid's cold medicine?

Yes - but... it won't be as effective as one specifically formulated for adults.

Can straterra stunt your growth?

Straterra can stunt a persons grown by one or two inches. The medication is used to lessen the symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

Why is effective communication important with adults in a children's care setting?

Effective communication is important with adults in a children's care setting as children will learn from them. Children are very observant and responsive and using effective communication will help them in developing communication.

Will the government pay for Straterra?

YES, MY CHILD IS ON STRATERRA AND MEDICAID PAYS FOR IT AS LONG AS THE DOCTOR GIVES AN APPROVAL FOR IT. My daughter is on the CHIP plan, and I pay $5.00 for name brand meds. She recently started taking Straterra. I did see on the pharmacy slip that the insurance pays over $80.00 for each prescription.

Can you take Strattera while pregnant?

No. Click here and scroll down to the "Do not use Straterra if" section. Straterra's official site simply suggest you tell your doctor if you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

How do you spy on adults?

By stabbing them with big kitchen knives and then make them eat bleach, Its fast and effective

Are Graduated licenses a good idea?

Yes because it's effective and is great for teens & adults

What are the chances of getting pregnant while ovulating using the withdrawal method?

the chances are good and bad,you have to pull out fast to have a batter chance of not getting a girl pregnut. its 82%effective among experenced adults and only 75%effective with unexperenced teens or adults.

Which of these statements regarding older adults and disaster is false?

support groups are not effective or useful with age group

Why does Straterra make a child non-verbal and unable to be social?

My daughter is on straterra and we don't have this problem. She is 10 yrs old and sometimes I wish she would be quiet for 5 minutes. lol She is also a cheerleader, enrolled in gymnanstics and has a lot of friends.

Which alternative therapy has not shown to be effective and cause additional health problems in older adults?

Probiotic use perhaps?

How can your own behaviour effective interactions with children?

Children take the lead from the adults about behaviour. If I am polite, respectful, honest and fair to children and other adults there are more chances, children would be acting the same way. Practice positive behaviour all the time to promote effective interaction with children and young people.

What cause skull plates to shift in adults?

Effective and proper movement of the cranial plates is indeed critical for and proper brain function

Is formal communication effective or not?

yes it is because it lets the adults show respect to one another and show a understanding with each other

Is it okay to mix Straterra Wellbutrin and Risperdal?

Yes, my daughter has been on Strattera, Wellbutrin and Depakote for about a year and a half.

Is it possible for Straterra to be the cause of depression in an 8-year-old?

According to, it is an uncommon side effect but has been observed.

Others drugs beside Ritalin that can be used for ADHD?

Straterra, Aderall. Talk to your doctor and he/she will prescribe an alternative if Ritalin does not work.

What is the impact of dieting on teen nutrition?

Many of the diets and diet products on the market have not been proven by clinical studies as effective in the long term for adults; they certainly have not been proven safe or effective as a solution to weight problems

How long does promethazine with codeine last?

Based on the typical frequency of dosing, promethazine with codeine in adults can last about 4-6 hours of effective use.

Is children's Motrin effective on adults?

yes but it will be a more mild sedative than it would be for children that's the reason its for children it is designed for smaller people

Can adults use kids AED pads?

The child AED pads may not deliver enough of a shock to be effective; therefore it is not advised to use then on an adult.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms from Straterra?

Yes. There are many and you can find them on the internet. My daughter was without her Strattera for 4 days and she had a wicked migraine.