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No, the aluminum has to me thick, so you aren't saving anything. The Tungsten Carbide is the 2nd heaviest armor out there. There is two new no metal armor with the new plastic shield with Reinforced byTitanium to help keep hull shape. The mass is cut to less then 25% and less then half the thickness.

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What is Carbide?

"Carbide" as used in "Carbide Drills" and "Carbide Saws" is the alloy Tungsten Carbide. Chemically the material is either Tungsten Carbide (WC) or Tungsten diCarbide (WC2). Carbide is used because of its hardness.

Is tungsten tougher that tungsten carbide?

No. Tungsten is an element, where as tungsten carbide is an alloy, or a mixture of elements (tungsten, nickel, tantalum, niobium, titanium, and chromium). Tungsten carbide is much easier to work into styles and designs, but does not change the hardness of the metal.

What material mould would use for tungsten carbide tips making?

mold for tungsten carbide

Where can you find tungsten carbide pen refills?

You can find tungsten carbide mostly in the pen nib...

Is Tungsten Carbide magnetic?

Tungsten carbide products are often made from tungsten carbide powder cemented with another metal. This metal is often cobalt or nickel which is magnetic. 6% cobalt by weight is a typical percentage. Cobalt cemented tungsten carbide is magnetic enough to be picked up with a strong magnet. Tungsten carbide by itself would have very low to no ferromagnetic properties.

Tungsten carbide is it a mixture?

Tungsten carbide is a metallic chemical compound. Unlike steel, it is not a mixture or alloy. The chemical formula for tungsten carbide is WC, indicating that the number of atoms of tungsten (W) in a sample of tungsten carbide is equal to the number of number of atoms of carbon (C) in that sample. Because each atom of tungsten weighs about 15.3 times as much as each atom of carbon, almost 94% of the mass of a sample of tungsten carbide is represented by tungsten atoms. Although tungsten carbide is not itself a mixture, it is often mixed (alloyed) with other metals such as nickel or cobalt.

What elements make up tungsten carbide?

Tungsten and carbon

How do you identify Tungsten?

Tungsten is heavy and fragile . Pure tungsten metal should be in dark grey color, tungsten metal usually use in industrial for filament and making steel. Another important part for tungsten is the tungsten carbide, usually use in jewelry. Tungsten carbide jewelry are in bright silver color, it's made from the 85.7 tungsten carbide and together mixed titanium.

What is the Color of tungsten carbide?


What are the strongest alloys?

tungsten carbide

What type of tungsten rods are commonly used for drillbits?

tungsten carbide

What is the atom of aluminum carbide?

Aluminum carbide contains two different kinds of atoms: aluminum and carbon. The formula unit or molecular formula for aluminum carbide is Al4C3.

Do tungsten carbide rings smell?

Tungsten carbide rings are made from tungsten carbide powder. It has a dark hue due to the grey powder from the tungsten and blackness of carbon. Both tungsten and carbon are odourless and hypoallergenic. There's no need to worry as all tungsten jewelry should pass the EU standard before being sold on market.

What is the current price of scrap tungsten carbide?

Current scrap price carbide

Is carbide and tungsten same element?

Both are different. Tungsten in an element whereas a carbide is a compound composed of carbon and a less electronegative element.

What is the solute and solvent of tungsten carbide?


Does tungsten carbide scratch?

Can Tungsten Carbide Rings ever scratch?Tungsten carbide can only be scratched or damaged by extreme measures, like abrasion from diamonds or corundum. Consequently, activities that would normally require the removal of conventional wedding bands for their protection can be performed without concern by the wearer of a tungsten carbide wedding band. While extremely strong and scratch-resistant, tungsten carbide is a bit more brittle than traditional metals used in wedding bands.

How strong Tungsten is?

It is a extremely durable metal but often mistaken as Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten Carbide is Tungsten ground to a powder with Carbon and compressed then nickel is heated and added as the binding agent or glue. The result is a very hard composition, but it is not a metal and it is not a solid. It is, however brittle. This means it is prone to chipping or cracking when Tungsten Carbide hits a hard surface.

What is the hardest man made metal?

Tungsten Carbide (aka Tungsten Heavy Alloy)

Is tungsten carbide and graphite the same element?

Technically no, since an element defines that it is a single atom. Tungsten Carbide is a chemical compound consisting of Tungsten and Carbon (W2C) and Graphite is a form of pure carbon

Can tungsten carbide tarnish?

Yes because my husband's did.

Tungsten carbide hardness?

approximately 90 HRC

What is worlds most durable metal?

Tungsten Carbide

What type of bonding does tungsten carbide form?


What category of materials does tungsten carbide belong?