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In Uganda
If by Brazil you mean Africa, then yes.

Uganda is a country in Afica. Brazil is a country in South America. You might be talking about Uraguay which is a country in South America but no, it's isn't a part of Brazil.
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Where is Brazil?

In South America, on the Atlantic side. Brazil is located South America. It's the biggest country in this continent. It's in the Atlantic Ocean side of the continent. And it borders all the other countries in South America, except for Equador and Chile. America (South) South America is the conti ( Full Answer )

Why is Uganda not developed?

for now Uganda's main problem is corruption otherwise it is by far the most naturally beautiful country with the world .with the most friendly people in Africa.

What is Brazil?

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the only Portuguese-speaking country on that continent. It is the fifth largest country by geographical area, occupying nearly half of South America and the fifth most populous country in the world. Brazil also has good soccer players.

Where is Uganda?

Uganda is a country in East Africa, on the Equator. It isbordered by Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, and theDemocratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Nile River runs throughUganda.

What is uganda?

Uganda is a country in east Africa that was formerly a British colony. It is located on the north shore of Lake Victoria, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and west of Kenya. The country gained its independence in 1962. ------------------------------------ Uganda is a inland countr ( Full Answer )

Who is the President of Uganda?

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the President of Uganda. As a young man, Yoweri Museveni joined the intelligence agency of President Obote in 1970. This led to his exile to Tanzania the next year when General Idi Amin seized power in 1971. Museveni fought with Obote and the rebels to reclaim the count ( Full Answer )

Why is Uganda an LEDC?

Uganda is a LEDC because it has low work rates and the average payout is £15 per month.

What are facts on Uganda?

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda doesn't have a national flower, Uganda's official language is English. .

When was Uganda discovered?

Archaeologists believe that Uganda was first settled around 50,000years ago. It was discovered by Europeans in the 19th century.

What is the climate in Uganda?

In some parts of Uganda, it is quite cold while in other parts of the country it is really hot.

What are facts about Uganda?

in Uganda you drive on the left side of the roadUganda was once called "the pearl of Africa" because of the fertile land.

What do they do in Uganda?

In Uganda most children and few adults play sports for entertainment, some of the sports they do in Uganda is... football (what we know as soccer), netball (what we know as basketball), and other sports, these are only examples of what Ugandans do, they are very smart. these listed sports above are ( Full Answer )

What does Uganda import?

One of the products that Uganda imports is machinery. Other importsinclude oil, clothing, equipment used for transportation, and foodproducts.

What is there to do in Brazil?

Brazil is a huge country, so this really depends on where people are. In the northeastern coast (actually in nearly the whole Brazilian coast, but specially from Rio to the north) you have amazingly beatiful beaches. In the south you have a cooler weather; there´s Pantanal with many natural beaut ( Full Answer )

What does Uganda mean?

Uganda does not have a real meaning. It was the Swahili word used to refer to the traditional kingdom of Buganda in Central Uganda. 'U' is a Swahili prefix which indicates a nation. For example, Uingereza represents England. Therefore, Buganda was referred to by the coastal Arabs as Uganda and the n ( Full Answer )

What interest are there in Uganda?

There are quite a number of interests in Uganda. These could range from tourism (mountain gorillas, Mountain Rwenzori, White water rafting, Cultural aesthetics), education (Makerere, KIU, etc). To mention but a few...

How can you get to Brazil?

By aeroplane/airplane if you live outside of Brazil and if you live in South America you can most probably take your car. Or if you are fat and lazy, the go ahead a take the plane anyway!

What is Ugandas food?

Uganda's foods include millet bread, cassava (tapioca), sweet and white potatoes, bananas, plantains, jack fruits, chicken and beef stew, freshwater fish, yams, corn, cabbage, pumpkin, tomatoes, millet, peas, sorghum, beans, peanuts, goat meat and milk, oranges, papayas, lemons, pineapple, waragi is ( Full Answer )

How are you in Brazil?

hey i used to live in Brazil when i was 9 for a year and it was kinda cool but frankly confusing. everythings so crypitic!

What is Spirituality in Uganda?

Ugandans are typically very spiritual people as well as religiously devout. The primary religion is Christianity and Catholicism. However, just like most of the world, there is a Muslim population.

Does Uganda have a monarchy?

Yes. Uganda's government is a constitutional monarchy although the government of Uganda was previously a brutal dictatorship.

What can you do in Uganda?

Build schools and hospitals Uganda has a beautiful hilly rural countryside. Literally if you go driving, you will constantly be going around large hills. Uganda is also home to Biwindi impenetrable forest, which is home to the last few "wild" mountain gorilla family's. Which (if you pay the right p ( Full Answer )

What is Uganda famous for?

Uganda is famous for being the heart of Africa as the heart is on the left side of your chest. It is also well known for its runners and its traditional dance. the kigganda dance.

What to do Brazil?

It will depend on where you are going to and what do you like to do. There's some urban places or others that will take you next to the nature, there's some places that it excelent to find privacy and calm, others are only party and fun.

What do they have in Brazil?

Brasil, is THe 8tj economy in The world, 250 milhoes people live is this country We have: 1. The Biggest and most preserved forest in The world. 2. Have The greatest Mineral rerserve in The world 3. We are 5 car maker in World 4. We have The biggest Folklore Party in The world The Carnival. and so ( Full Answer )

What is MTN in Uganda?

MTN is a phone line for Uganda... just like Verizon or altel for the US

What can you do in Brazil?

Lots to do. There's a lot of great food. The beaches in Rio are great but now it's winter so to go to the beach try Fortaleza. There's always lots to do in Rio or Sao Paulo

Does Uganda have a coastline?

Uganda is an inland country, so it does not have a coastline. However, it does have a large shoreline on Lake Victoria.

How poor is Uganda?

Most African countries have a larger underclass of poor people than most western countries have.

How will you get to Brazil?

you would go to the nearest airport to your house and fly to Brazil, how could you no know that? thats just obvious, its one of the world's biggest countries! oh my gosh!

Why is Uganda poor?

There are many reasons why Uganda is poor. Some of the challengesinclude lack of proper infrastructure, corruption, highunemployment rates and so much more.

What landforms are in Uganda?

Landforms found in the African country of Uganda include theRuwenzori Mountains, lakes, and basins. Additionally, there areplateaus, hills, and grasslands.

Is their peace in Uganda?

peace is their in Uganda because the wars that has been inthe northern part of it have now ended.

What are the religons in Uganda?

Though a relatively small country, Uganda boosts a host of 'beliefs'. Better put as: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Traditional beliefs, etc. Christianity has Catholics, Protestants (pentecostal), Adventists, Orthodox, 'Born- Agains', etc, Then Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, traditional beliefs ( Full Answer )

What mountins are in Uganda?

If you meant mountains.. There is quite a number : - Mountain Rwenzori (the highest) Moutain Elgon (East) Mountain Muhavura (South West)

What does the Brazil have?

Brazil has the big forest of the world who is called Amazonia,Brazil has one of the 7 wonderlands of the world, have beautiful beachs and lot OS fun

Is Rwanda in Uganda?

They are separate countries. The Republic of Rwanda, known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is a landlocked country located in the Great Lakes region of eastern-central Africa, bordered by Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked cou ( Full Answer )

What is cassava in Uganda?

Cassava is a starchy root that can be eaten. It is very delicious cooked in various ways.

Does Uganda have a capital?

Yes, the capital city is called Kampala. It is located in the central part of Uganda in a the former kingdom of Buganda on the shores of Africa's largest lake - Victoria.

Does Uganda have aport?

I presume you mean "Airport". Yes, 46 of them, with Entebbe being the main one.

Who is Brazil?

Brazil is not a person, It's a country. Brazil is named after a very valuable tree called Pau-Brazil, since there were many of these trees before the portuguese colonized Brazil and took all the trees down to make furniture and more.

When was Uganda made?

Uganda was established as a British protectorate in 1894; and became politically independent from the British in 1962.

Is Uganda free visa to Brazil?

Brazilians, wishing to travel to Uganda, need to apply for a tourist visa in person at the local Uganda embassy.

What is it about Brazil?

Brazil is very colorful place. Not literally but it has a rich history and a very interesting culture. Brazil also lies a great festival. The country is filled with activities to do and places to see. you will really enjoy your stay in a country like this.

What you can do in Brazil?

There is the Iguacu waterfall in Campo Grande, Statue of Christ and Sugar loaf mountains in rio De Janerio, the Cathedral of Brasilia and the three Powers Square in Brasilia, the Saint John's Festival (largest in the world) in Campina Grande, one of the beaches (Jericoacora Beach in Fortaleza), visi ( Full Answer )

Are there beaches in Uganda?

Yes, despite the fact it's a landlocked country. There is a beach in Entebbe, on the coast of Lake Victoria

Is Uganda capitalist?

No scholar has ever come up with the exact research about most African countries' economic systems. However, in my own view, after the overthrow of former Authoritarian leader IDI AMINI DADA, the country has embarked on various strategies including restoring democratic systems. Although meered by he ( Full Answer )

Which country is the odd one out Brazil Uruguay or Uganda?

I can think of 4 off the top of my head. Uruguay and Uganda both start with U. (Brazil starts with a B) Uruguay and Uganda both have 3 syllables. (Brazil has 2) Uruguay and Brazil are both in South America. (Uganda is in Africa) Uganda and Brazil both have 5 letters. (Uruguay has 7)

What do they they do in Brazil?

A lot of things. The brazilian people are very happy. Rio deJaneiro is a wonderful city in Brazil.

Does Uganda have a queen?

No, its Head of state is a President. But Uganda is made up ofseveral kingdoms, and those kings are mostly married. So there areseveral queens within Uganda.