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Vietnam itself was never a threat to the United States. The operative philosophy was the "domino theory" which held that if communists took over South Vietnam, they would then immediately begin subverting neighboring countries, and when they took them over they would subvert their new neighbors, and so on like a line of dominoes.

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Q: Is Vietnam a threat to the US today?
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How did the Vietnam war effect the relationship between the US and Vietnam?

There is a good relationship today; US tourists go to Vietnam, and Vietnam markets it's trade goods to the US.

Was north Vietnam a threat to the us?

Not to the "nation" (country) of the US. But the North was attacking the South...and the US was determined to stop them.

Are any US troops in Vietnam today?


Biggest threat in the US today?

Nuclear Terrorism

How does the Vietnam war effect the people of Laos today?

Laos may not be as industrialized as Vietnam is; Vietnam learned much from the US.

What do you see as the greatest threat to Filipino nationalism today?

It is us the Filipino who is the most greatest threat of Filipino Nationalism

Should Australia have entered the Vietnam war?

Yes, they were closer to the communist threat than the US was. And they knew it.

What are US relations with Vietnam today?

Today, relations between the United States and Vietnam are positive. The two countries resumed normal diplomatic relations in 1995.

Is the war in Iraq today another Vietnam?

The US is not at war with Iraq.

What are US relations with Vietnam like today after the Vietnam war?

Since the mid 90's, Vietnam is a regular (Communist) country doing regular business with regular countries, including the US.

For most of the 1960s and up to 1973 the US was involved in a costly war Name the country the US was fighting?

The nation of North Vietnam (which no longer's called Vietnam today). The country that the US was allied to, South Vietnam, doesn't exist was consumed by North Vietnam. The official name of SOUTH Vietnam was the "Republic of South Vietnam."

In the Vietnam war was north Vietnam a threat to the U.S.?

Not a direct threat like physically harming the United States, such as Japanese Submarines did to Brookings Oregon and Santa Barbara California in 1942. Or the German subs that attacked US shipping off the east coast during the war. North Vietnam was a threat, only, as a representative of the Communist powers during the cold war, N. Vietnam was acting as an agent for the USSR & Red China. North Vietnam, has sometimes, been referred to as a "Surrogate" for the USSR & Red China during the war...or someone might say, Vietnam was a "Surrogate War." In that way, yes, N. Vietnam was a threat. If the question is meant to mean, "...was N. Vietnam a threat to US forces in theater (in Vietnam)?" Yes, always. NVAF helicopters may have destroyed a US Navy Swift Boat in 1968 (PCF-19). NVAF MiG-17 jets bombed the US Navy Light Cruiser USS Oklahoma City inflicting only light damage; but heavily damaging the US destroyer USS Higbee in 1972. North Viet shore batteries constantly duelled US warships operating off of Yankee Station (North Vietnamese coastline/Dixie Station was the Southern coastline).

How does the Vietnam War effect us today?

It ended the draft and created an all volunteer Armed Services in the US.

How did the outcome of the Vietnam War change the US and how it runs today?

It must be a lot and be significant for the US economy, I think.

What were the us army enlisted ranks in Vietnam war?

Ranks were the same as today. No changes.

Are asteroids not a threat to us?

asteroids are a threat to us

Why did president Johnson think the US had to fight in the Vietnam war?

Johnson felt the threat of Communism overtaking all of Vietnam could grow into a more powerful hold throughout Asia eventually. Therefore, stopping Communist encroachment in South Vietnam was, to him, a very dangerous threat that had to be stopped. Also, we were members of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), and as such promised to defend South Vietnam against outside attacks.

How does America get along with the vietamese today?

In 1994/1995 US-Vietnamese relations were established. Vietnam is a tourist area today. The young Vietnamese citizens, under 30 years old, do NOT remember the Vietnam War.

How did Australia react to the threat of the 'cold war'?

Australian and US warships trained at sea together. They also served on the gunline together in Vietnam. Australian & US ground troops fought together in South Vietnam; they also trained together out of theater.

The relevance of the Vietnam War today?

The war in Iraq is very similar to the Vietnam War, and the US is very good at fighting wars and terrible at establishish peace.

Did we accomplish anything by going in the Vietnam war?

Because of the Vietnam War; today all US combat jets HAVE GUNS ON THEM; regardless of how stealthy or computer driven they are.

Does the US have a military presence in Vietnam?

Better not! Vietnam's a communist country now, ever since '75; any US military presence in or around Vietnam today, could cause another war.

Why was the Vietnam War not necessary?

When the US first became involved in the Vietnam War it was because of the fear that if South Vietnam were to be taken over by the communist north, then the nation of Vietnam would contribute to a process of global conquest by the Soviet empire, which would take over more and more countries, eventually leaving the United States in a vulnerable state of political and economic isolation, in a communist world. However, this fear was entirely wrong, as it turned out, and communist Vietnam has not invaded or taken over any other country, nor has the global spread of communism been a threat to the US, particularly since the Soviet Union itself no longer exists, and the nations of the former Soviet bloc have also given up communism with very few exceptions. Communism was not the threat that the US thought it was. In retrospect, Vietnam was merely undergoing an anti-colonial war of national unification, which was not a threat to the US.

Was it logical for the US to engage in a war of attrition in Vietnam?

Vietnam today is as it would be if the United States was never there since politicly that was was lost by the U.S.So it was not logical in the first place.

Why did the US increase their involvement in Vietnam?

In the Vietnam war era so they could maintain a military presence in South east Asia. Today so that they can trade goods.