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Note that Washington state law allows for a choice of remedy - nonjudicial (quick) foreclosure, no deficiency; or judicial (slow) foreclosure, with deficiency available. Rev. Code Wash. 61.12.050 additionally provides "When there is no express agreement in the mortgage nor any separate instrument given for the payment of the sum secured thereby, the remedy of the mortgagee shall be confined to the property mortgaged." So borrower has to have agreed that deficiency is available. Washington law also provides that for loans secured by deeds of trust (rather than by mortgages), which means virtually every residential loan, "Except . . . for deeds of trust securing commercial loans, a deficiency judgment shall not be obtained on the obligations secured by a deed of trust against any borrower, grantor, or guarantor after a trustee's sale under that deed of trust." Non-judicial foreclosure of consumer deeds of trust are far and away the most common in Washington. per Mark

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2008-12-09 00:32:02
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Q: Is Washington a non-recourse state
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