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No, it is not recognized by the PMDC, but it was previously. Now PMDC has changed it's rules, and has de-recognized all previously recognized Foreign universities.

See links below.

The following institutes are under consideration for recognition under 11th and 14th article of PMDC Pakistan.

They have been entered in the list of under consideration for approval by the Ministry of Education Pakistan. letter No.F 3-51/2007-MER dated 4th March, 2008.

-Xinjiang edical university

-tsinghua university

-peking university

-fudan university

-shanghai second medical university

-Xian jiaotong university

Up until now, the commetee to inspect the above unversities had made visits to the only three universities and xian jiaotong is one of them.

The chances for Xian jiaotong and Xinjiang medical university are very, very much more to be recognized this year.

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yes it is recognized by pmdc .and also apporved by UNO and WHO.and university looking for apporval by pmdc in 2 to 3 years.

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Q: Is Xian jiaotong university recognized by pmdc?
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Will xian jiaotong university again recognize by pmdc?

i hope it does get recognised. really worried on that.

Is hainan medical university recognized by pmdc?

now there is no university in china which can be said it is recoganized bt PMDC..5 years ago PMDC recoganized 7 chinese medical universities but by 2011 all the chinese universities were if you gonna study in any one university of china make your mind sure that you will have to give PMDC exam.....

Will you appear for pmdc examination after mbbs from jiaotong?


Is southern medical university is recognized by pmdc?

No, it is not. Some one has mistakenly added it in pmdc recognized list on wikipedia.Cheers.

Which Chinese universities are recognised by PMDC?

Recognized Chinese Universities The only Recognized Chinese Universities: S.No. Universities 1. Peking Union Medical College, BeijingMBBS 2. Beijing Medical University, BeijingMBBS 3. Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai MBBS 4. Shanghai Second Medical UniversityMBBS 5. School of Stomatology, ShanghaiSecond Medical University BDS 6. Xian Jiaotong University, School of MedicineXian, P.R. China MBBS 7. Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqui, China MBBS

Are Pakistani students less than sixty percent marks in Xi'an Jiaotong Medical university recognized by pmdc?

PMDC will register the students with less than 60% marks only if they have got admission before 2007, otherwise they will not be given any registration. For more information see the related links.

Is shihezi medical university recognized by pmdc in 2011?


Dalian university is recognised by pmdc or not?

No...uptill is not recognized by pmdc...but has high standards of education...and is a listed university....It is ranked 3rd in the medical uni of china...I hope it is going to be recognized very pmdc as well...

List of seven pmdc register medical colleges in china?

1.Peking Union Medical College, Beijing MBBS2.Beijing Medical University, Beijing MBBS3.Shanghai Medical University, ShanghaiMBBS4.Shanghai Second Medical University MBBS5.School of Stomatology, Shanghai Second Medical UniversityBDS6.Xian Jiaotong University, School of Medicine Xian, P.R. ChinaMBBS7.Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqui, ChinaMBBS Lucky..

Will you please tell me about the name of medical universities recognised by PMDC?

The seven universities recongnized by PMDC include Peking Union Medical College, Beijing medical university, Shanghai medical university, Shanghai second medical university, School of stomatology, Shanghai second medical university, School of medicine of Xian Jiaotong university and Xinjiang medical university for any kind of info about Study In China add My ID n ask Me (cost Free) im studying here in china

Is Chengde Medical University registered by pmdc?

Chengde Medical University is approved by PMDC, NOC issued to students, while few graduated have already cleared PMDC.

Is Beihua University recognised by pmdc?

no and there is no sighns of havin it recognized i am afraid...