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Is Zoe is Greek name?

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Yes. It means "Life".

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What is the history of the name 'Zoe'?

Zoe means life in greek

What does Zoe mean in hebrew?

Zoe is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Hebrew. In Greek, it means "life."

What does the name Zoe mean?

The girl's name Zoe is from the Greek meaning 'life.'Zoe is pronounced "ZO-ee"

What do the on Zoe mean?

The name Zoe means Life in Greek. i know the because it is my name.

What does the name 'Zoe' mean in Japanese?

Zoe is a Greek name meaning Life. In Japanese it looks like this" ジ

What si Zoe?

the name Zoe or zoie, means "life" in modern greek

Is Zoรซ a girl's name?

Zoe is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning "life".

Is Zoe an Islamic name?

No. It is a Greek name meaning "Life"

What is Zoe in The Bible?

it is a Greek name for the ruler of Gods.

Does the name Zoe mean angel?

No, it is a Greek name meaning "life".

Is Zoe Greek?

yes, in Greek Zoe means life. :)

Where did the name Zoe originate?

Zoe is Greek and means "life". It was adopted by Jews as a translation of the name "Eve". The name was very common in the Byzantine Empire.

Why is Zoe a man?

Zoe- pronounced both to rhyme with (Joe) and also- Zo- EE) is a Greek name. It means (Life). It is a female name. example, the actress Zoe Caldwell.

What does Zoe means in Greek?

It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Zoe is "life".

How do you spell Zoe in greek?

Zoe, or Zoê (from ancient Greek ζωή, meaning life).

What does the name Zoey mean?

Zoey, or Zoe, comes from the Greek word for 'Life".

What is a Roman version of the Greek name Zoe?

there is none, however the meaning is "life"

What does the word Zoe mean in the greek?

It translates as Life. there is a Zoe brotherhood of theologians in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Does the word zoo come from a Greek or Latin root?

The word zoo stands for "zoological garden". It is a large park/ area of land where wild animals are kept for exhibitions. Zoe comes from the Greek word Zoemeaning life. Zoe is also a name.

Boys name that starts with Z?

Zachary Zebedee Zacharias Zoe, it means 'life' in Greek.

How do you spell Zoe in greek letters?

Ζωή [zoee] (is a proper female name and it means Life)

What does the name Zoe mean in Greek?

It means life, or abundant life.

What are Greek words for life?

The Greek word for life is "zoe."

What does the name Zoe mean in Irish?

It has no special meaning in Ireland, as it is not an Irish name. Its origins are Greek and it means life or alive.

What is the greek word for Zoe?