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Yes, because it acts as a cardio workout, you burn calories and if you complement with an appropiate diet you create a deficit caloric with the result of losing weight inluding losing weight on the thighs. If the Zumba workout includes glutes exercises like squats or lunges (most do) then yes it does help toning your glutes too.


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The marine workout obviously. A workout marines do is effective for toning because that is why they do it. For toning, and stuff. Inquire a marine directly.

Elliptical, Exercise/Stationary Bikes, Rowing and Stair Stepper are some of the most recommended exercise equipments for shaping and toning the thighs.

An elliptical workout would be great for toning or someone looking to lose an amount of weight. An elliptical workout is an complete workout, you will build muscle along with loosing weight or toning.

There are workout magizines for women but not magazines for intense muscle building. Just toning abs and thighs, all that in te workout ones, I'm a guy, I've picked up one of my wife's workout magazines, it's useful, or you can just read men's if you want body builder muscles.

lunges, squats, leg press, stair climbing, jogging.

You have to jerk it off or use a shake weight.

Yes, the Bender Ball works. It is a great exercise tool that increases your range of motion to enhance your workout. The Bender Ball videos have workouts that are appropriate for all fitness levels. It's a great program for a well-rounded toning workout on your abs (without crunches!), arms, buns and thighs and other muscle groups.

yes, swimmer's do lift weights as well as muscle toning excerises.

Eat healthy and choose exercises that emphasize toning in those areas rather than muscle building.

Ballet is an extremely good workout for toning muscles,flexibility and fitness as you increase your heart rate a lot. I do ballet 7 days a week and it is highly enjoyable.

Why would you want to do that! Exercise and toning will build muscle and thus form shape to these areas.

Both weights and resistance bands will give you the results your looking for. A combination of both is your best bet. You can alternate your daily workout to include both.

I find it better to do cardio after my workout. I feel I would be too tired to lift properly if I did my cardio before.

Most shrinkage results from dieting, not exercise (unless you exercise a great deal). Also, unlike muscle-toning, fat-shrinkage occurs throughout the body, despite what advertisers of various types of workout equipment would have you believe. So if you maintain your present eating habits and do moderate thigh exercising, you'll begin to notice better muscle-tone in your thighs within a few weeks. And if you weigh yourself two or three times a week at the same time of day, you can then fine-tune your body weight (through diet) as desired.

There are many advantages of toning the body. Not only will it improve your overall health, you will have a new sense of confidence when looking in the mirror. You will feel much more comfortable in bathing suits, and may fit into a smaller size. The only disadvantage I can see is having to workout to achieve it!

Octane Fitness is credited as being a complete and full body workout, meaning that it targets a wide variety of muscle regions for toning and calorie burning.

train light for toning and heavy for gaining train light for toning and heavy for gaining

These exercises are toning my abdominal muscles.

Actually it don't. It's a type of aerobic exercise and almost all body parts are working, so it's a cardio workout. It's totally for toning muscles around the body, but it depends how much intensity you apply for the workout. It burns approximately 10-25 calories per minute in variety of 1 minute breaks. Bigger legs are made by doing workout that requires a certain amount of power like bicycling, sprints, squats, lunges, dumbells, etc. so jumprope won't make your legs/thighs big because all the parts of the body are involved, in fact it's a powerful way to make your legs/thighs toned and slim. (with proper diet) Should be consuming 1000-1500 calories if you want faster effects. SO the answer to your question is NO. :)

Toning means the coin is getting tarnished from exposure to the air. It has a little brown or gray on the surface. It is not necessary to clean it. Some collectors like coins with natural toning. To keep a coin from toning, keep it out of the air.

Kegel exercises are ones that are done in order to strengthen the bladder and pelvic area. The best way to do them is to use a pelvic toning device which is held between the thighs. The device is repeatedly squeezed to contract the pelvic muscles.

The best Fitness videos are P90X and Insanity. Jillian Michaels also has a large variety of Fitness videos. The 10 minute trainer is a good fast workout for toning.

Fitness can be a lot more fun if you are doing something you love. With summer approaching, swimming can be an effective workout keeping you cool while toning your body.

explain concept toning computergraphics

There is no need to try to get skinny at 13. Chances are very high that you will get a growth spurt soon which means you will get taller and thus slimmer. I experienced that twice - around 14 years old and around 19 years old. So, just eat lots of good for you things like fruits ad veggies and give it time. You could also do some yoga for toning. It is great for toning and slimming.

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