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Yes, the 1080p LCD TV is the highest quality TV there is for LCD TVs. There are many people that say Plasma TVs are of better quality. The comparison is so close that is up to each individual to make their own decision.

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Q: Is a 1080p LCD TV the highest quality?
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On LCD televisions what type of resolution is 1920x1080?

1920X1080 resolution is a 1080p screen. This type of resolution brings you the highest quality from your brand new LCD television for you to be able to enjoy.

What is the maximum resolution that samsung 40 lcd supports?

Samsung's LCD Televisions maximum resolution is 1080p which is the highest resolution. Though to maximize your picture quality you can get a Samsung television with a higher contrast ratio.

What is 1080p in lcd TV?

1080 is the amount of pixles going verticaly on the tv and is the highest resolution for a tv.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

What is the picture quality of a Samsung lcd tv?

Samsung is the maker of many different models of LCD televisions. Most of them have 1080p resolution, which produces images that are both vivid and sharp.

Where can I find LCD 1080p tv reviews?

You may find a review of the LCD 1080p TVs at Here you will find the top ranking brands according to consumers, and not professional critics.

Need more information on 1080p televisions?

Yes, a 1080p television is currently the highest available resolution TV on the market. They are better than 1080i, and 720p in terms of picture quality.

Where can I purchase 1080p lcd tvs?

Many electronics dealers such as Best Buy and Costco offer 1080p LCD tv's. Online you can find a great variety of these televisions. The following website offers a great deal of 1080p LCD tv's,

In need of a 1080p lcd tv.?

The 1080p lcd tv are the T.V. today that have the best resolution but in the upcoming years there will be televisions with even higher resolution. There are many different 1080p resolution televisions on the market and a lot of them now offer 3D capabilities.

Where could one purchase 1080p LCD TVs?

1080p LCD TV's can be found at any store that carries electronics. These include Future Shop, Best Buy, The Brick, Leons and Walmart. There is a variety of prices and sizes depending on the quality a person is looking for and can frequently be found on sale.

Are televisions with 1080p resolution good?

Currently, 1080p is the highest commonly available and useful television resolution. New formats are under consideration, but 1080p is the highest current standard.

What is the best 40 inch LCD tv available?

The best 40 inch LCD TV available is arguably the Toshiba 40L5200U 1080p TV. Other quality makes also include Samsung and LG Electronics, among others.

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