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You are NOT ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're only 13 and you want a baby. I understand babies are cute and it would be nice to dress them up with their little sweaters, but you're not old or responsible enough. Your reproductive systems aren't even completely done growing. (They aren't really supposed to be used till you're done with puberty). Some thirteen year olds haven't even had their periods yet. You're way too young for sex/pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood/raising a child. You can't even drive yet, for pete's sake! I'm hoping you're not already pregnant, asking this question to see if you should abort or not. Because when you're under 18 or over 35, having an abortion can increase your risk of haivng Breast cancer by up to 800%! Don't get pregnant no. Finish your education first. You'll need that education to support any children you do have in the future. P.S. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching to you, but I had to say some of those things. I'm concerned about you. I'm just a little older than you. (I'll be 14 in November '06). I know I could not handle a baby, and have a fairly large amount of free time. Don't become pregnant as a teen. Its very hard on you and you won't have as much free time to do things. Your grades could suffer and your social life wouldn't be as good.


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The society or body politic in which you live.

They shouldn't because there not mature enough or aware enough

yes. absolutely if the kid is mature enough.

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Should you need to ask then you are not mature enough to require an answer.

Yes they should ! If they're old enough to know what they're doing - they should be mature enough to accept the consequences of their actions !

Children are not mature enough physically or emotionally to join the Army.

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That's up to the parent(s) to decide. Some parents let their tweens wear simple makeup like lip gloss and mascara, and gradually get to more mature makeup like foundation and lip stick as they get older. When you see your children are mature enough, you can allow it.

only if the 10 year old is mature enough to have if he plays around enough

If you believe that you are mature enough to date then you should. If you don't want to ask your parents then good luck!

The age factor has to do with matureness, if your 18 do as you wish, but its up to the parent to decide if anyone under age is mature enough for something permanent.

I would think that depends on what the court has ordered. However - in my oppinnion, a 16-year-old should be mature enough to decide for themselves whether they want to go on visitation visits or not !

no way, teens should be mature enough to bathe themselves, they are not little kids

yes at that age they mature enough for that kind of violence

You should be at least 16 so your at least mature enough to handle the decision and know when and if things get out of hand.

Actually that makes the children mentally stressed.they are not mature enough to start dating.and even mature adults are also not able to handle that stress properly.

your parents probaly dont let you date because they think your not mature enough or your not responsible enough so you should show them how mature and responsible you are they might let you date

i think you should get married when you truly love someone or is mature enough to handle a comited realationship....

As long as they are mature enough to throw it away when they are done, then yes.

Probably around 12 years old or in middle school if they are mature enough.

wait till child is old enough to decide for themselves

Everyone has a different opinion. However from a moral standpoint they shouldn't, but it is really down to the parents, to decide whether the child is mature enough to understand that its just a game and shouldn't be emulated! - Yami Phill

You should generally be at least 11 before you start pointework. The reason for this is because you want your bones to be strong enough and mature enough to handle all of your bodyweight on your toes.

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