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it really depends of each individual insurance. If the 19 year old is a full time student, she would be fully covered under your insurance. Also, some state laws require parents to cover a dependant child until a certain age (thru age 19 or sometimes even 23).

if the child is covered under the insurance, a pregnancy would be covered.. meaning all prenatal care, post natal for the mother and delivery, including hospital and physician fees. The baby however, will not be covered. The dependant of a dependant is not typically a eligible covered dependant on any insurance plan.

I've seen insurance plans that would cover a 19 year old child dependent, but, when you check the maternity benefit, she won't be covered unless there is a complication with the pregnancy.

If your insurance plan covers her as a dependant or student then she will be covered for her maternity. Most insurance policies will not cover a dependant grandchild, it depends on your individual plan. I have not seen any plans in my company that do. You may need to look into applying for Medicaid for the grandchild.

As stated above if the 19 year old is a qualified dependent then it should be covered **IF** the parents policy covers maternity. Maternity is not automatic coverage in all circumstances and is a benefit that is being made optional with much greater frequency in those states where the insurance company is not obligated to include it.

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Q: Is a 19-year-old dependent daughter covered for maternity care?
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Is your 24 year old daughter covered for maternity care on your bcbs plan?

It depends on the policy. Only 60% of group plans cover dependent pregnancies. Check with the carrier issuing the policy.

I am the holder of my group insur polic through work. My full time college student daughter is covered. She has since found out she is 5 wks pregnant and has decided to keep the baby. help....?

Answer1) call insurance and find out if they cover "dependent maternity" some do, some don't at all and some don't except for weird situations like c-sections and triplets.2) If they do cover dependent maternity relax a little. Coverage for your daughter will be fine and your grandson will be covered as a normal newborn while he's in hospital.3) Your grandson will need some kind of coverage. Make your daughter get a job with insurance. Wal-Mart, McDonald's, UPS all have part-time jobs with insurance. While you're at it make Dad get a job with insurance as well.It doesn't sound like you feel like it but congratulations! And remember God fully supports more humans.

Is there paid maternity leave in NM?

There is no paid maternity leave in New Mexico.Your best bet is to purchase short term disability insurance before getting pregnant. Your maternity leave will be a covered benefit - ie a paid maternity leave.

What is a dependent of an insurance subscriber?

The spouse, the children, and any covered adult dependent.

Can you receive disability while on maternity leave?

You can receive disability while on maternity leave under a few scenarios. If you live in a state with state short term disability your maternity leave will be a covered benefit. Those states are CA, HI, NJ, NY, and RI. If you bought an individual short term disability policy BEFORE getting pregnant, your maternity leave will be covered.

What are some insurance companies that offer maternity insurance?

If you have an individual health care insurance coverage, then your insurance may not cover the costs for maternity matters. If you and your husband have a family coverage medical insurance plan, then your maternity fees should be covered under that.

Can you get unemployment while on maternity leave in Pennsylvania?

Unemployment is set aside for workers who lose their jobs due to economic reasons. Maternity leave is a health related issue.The best way to cover your maternity leave is to purchase short term disability insurance before getting pregnant. Your maternity leave will be a covered benefit.

Can you claim benefits while on maternity leave?

You can claim benefits only if you are covered by short term disability insurance.

Can you collect benefits on maternity leave?

The answer is - it depends. If your employer offers maternity benefits you are one of the lucky few. If you live in a state with mandated short term disability will are covered. Those states are CA, HI, NJ, NY, and RI. If your employer offers short term disability insurance and you applied before getting pregnant, your maternity leave for normal labor and delivery will be covered.

Is my daughter employed by American Airlines in Texas and has paid short term disability premiums through payroll deduction is Maternity leave covered?

She is most likely covered. Most policies pay benefits for normal labor and delivery, provided her delivery falls outside the exclusion period. Check the policy details to be sure.

Does a woman have to take maternity leave in CA?

Nobody will force you to take maternity leave. CA is one of only five states with mandated short term disability coverage. Your maternity leave for normal delivery is a covered benefit. You have a benefit that replaces a portion of your income. Why not take advantage?

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