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the mk3 supra (86.5-92) is a very complex car that has its drawbacks, that being said when you learn alot about thtem, the problems they have and the possatives they can have as well, you will liek the car much more. the mk3 supra is a high maintenance vehicle but when you learn its weeknesses and eliminate them and or prevent them the car is awesome

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:23:41
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Q: Is a 1992 Toyota Supra a good vehicle to buy?
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Can a Toyota supra drift?

yes it is good at drifting

Is a 1982 Toyota Celica Supra a good car?


What is a good drag blueprint on pro street?

Toyota supra, surpisingly

How much horsepower does a 1987 Toyota supra have?

it depends on the parts stock it has around 270 with good upgrades it could reach up to 600!

Why is Toyota so popular in the Philippines?

The Toyota is probably rated as one of the most reliable vehicles for a person to purchase. The vehicle is compact and has very good fuel mileage. The vehicle also has a very good resale value.

Will a 1992 Toyota celica 2.2 engine fit a 1992 Toyota Camry 2.2 4cyl?

yes itine and youll be good will you will just have to change a few things on the eng

Is the obx underdrive crank pulley good or bad for a 1990 Toyota supra?

great way to free some weight more HP 5-10!

How do you test the ignition module on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

start the engine if it runs its good

Where can I find a stereo wire diagram for a 1992 Toyota pickup? is a good website...

Where is the starter located on a 1988 Toyota Supra?

It is on the driver side underneath the intake manifold. if you look between the brake booster and the manifold you can see it. good luck it is a pain to get to!

Is the Toyota RAV4 a good family car?

The Toyota RAV4 is a very stylish looking SUV. It is definitely a family vehicle. It has plenty of horsepower and it's good on gas. The Toyota RAV4 also has lots of cargo space.

How do you install the blowoff valve to Toyota supra?

The blowoff valve on the Toyota supra is fairly simple to install. You will need the following items.. 1. Tools 2. Toyota Supra manual and repair guide Now, read through manual until you find the spot where it says how to "install the blowoff valve". Next, and this is important. READ that part carefully. After reading the manual, decide what tools you are going to use. Personally, I have a preference for wrenches, pliers, and ladders. Use your tools (see list item 1)and begin repairs. Thanks and good luck.

Will henleys gromit jeans go good with supra shoes?

yes they will white with are grey supra shoes

Can a Toyota Supra Transmission fit a '93 Toyota pickup?

Depends on what kind of Toyota Truck it is. If it is the Tacoma and a rear wheel drive the A340E would fit which is the Auto. I put the applications for that transmission below good luck!A340E (30-40LE)Applications: 1987-1992 Cressida (30-40LE)1986-1998 Toyota Supra non-turbo1987-1998 Toyota Supra turbo1995-1998 Pickup 2.4L I4, 3.0L V6, 3.4L V6 (Tacoma)1993-1995 T100 3.0L V61993-1997 Previa 2.4L w/supercharger1991-1997 Aristo 3.0L I6 Turbo1992-2000 Lexus SC 300 3.0L I61990-1995 Crown Majesta 3.0L I61992-1997 Lexus SC 400 4.0L V81995-1997 Lexus LS 400 4.0L V81989-2002 4-Runner2001-2004 Sequoia (4x2)2000-2004 Tundra (4x2)2005-2007 TOYOTA COMMUTER 2.5L DIESELRatios 1st:2.804 , 2nd:1.531 , 3rd:1 , 4th:0.705

How versatile is a Toyota Verso?

A Toyota Verso is quite a versatile vehicle. It is a 5 to 7 seat SUV which handles well, and has all the capabilities of a larger vehicle in a compact version. It has received many good reviews amongst users.

What kind of dealerships offer used Toyotas for sale?

Most dealerships that sell used cars offer Toyotas. Toyota is one of the most popular makes of vehicle, and one of the most reliable. A good used Toyota will get you far, if you make sure to get a full vehicle report on the vehicle.

Does the Toyota supra drive well?

I have a 87 with tems and z rated tires, it will stick a curvebettre than any civic or pusstang, and pass them up in the strights. So ya they drive good!

What is vsc trac?

On a Toyota vehicle, the VSC Trac is a system that keeps the car in good contact with the road in wet conditions. It also helps to prevent vehicle rollover.

Is possible to install on Toyota supra 1995 whit non turbo engie one twin turbo engine from the same year or its possible to install a turbo on the non turbo engine of the same supra?

yes and yes, there are many forums and articles on google with this info, along with a good write up on

What is the best engine you can put in a Toyota Supra MK4?

ls9? it already comes with a 2jz gte/ge and that's a really good engine that can make 1000+ hp.or you could put a viper engine

Does Toyota make midsize SUVs?

Toyota produces several quality midsize SUV's. The most popular is the 4runner which is a good family sized vehicle. They also have the sporty looking FJ cruiser. For luxury vehicle seekers, they make the Land cruiser and Sequoia.

What is a good site to buy supra skytops? or

What is the coolant change interval for a 2008 Toyota Sienna?

that vehicle uses super long life fluid, it is pink and it is good for a 100000 mile, i am a Toyota tech by the way. hope this helps

Are supras good skate shoes?


What is the best oil for Toyota Tundra?

The best oil for the Toyota Tundra is the Amsoil Series 2000, 0-30w synthetic oil. Another good brand of oil for this vehicle is Mobile 1.