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Is a 1999 eclipse with 156000 miles bad?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-04 13:15:30

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Not necessarily. There are much better choices in a used car. I would not buy it.

2006-09-04 13:15:30
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Is 156000 miles good or bad?

It would be bad if you had to run it. It would be good if that was how far away an alligator was ;o)

Why would a manual 1999 eclipse not be able to roll while in neutral?

Most likely a bad brake calpier.

Is the 1999 eclipse a good car?

If the car is in a good condition, it's a bad car. You have to be ready for some maintenance expenses though.

Is it bad to see a lunar eclipse?


What would cause a cylinder 1 misfire in a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST?

It could just be a bad spark plug wire or the spark plugs need changing.

Is eating eclipse mints bad for you?

no it isn't

Is the solar eclipse bad for the eyes?

Yes it is........................... >.>

Why is the eclipse bad for pregnant mothers?

There is nothing harmful in an eclipse - it is simply a shadow falling across the moon.

Is solar eclipse bad?

no its the moon covering the sun

Is a eclipse bad for animals?

No. Eclipses have no lasting effect ... good or bad ... on plants, animals, or people.

Why does your 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse shake?

Bad enine mounts

Does eclipse that book have anything bad in it?

not a lot. Depends on how old you are.

Which episode of glee do they sing total eclipse of heart?

they sing total eclipse of the heart in episode 17 bad reputation

Why it is bad for us to look at the solar eclipse?

Because the solar eclipse is so bright that it can damage or even burn your eyes

Are people afraid of solar eclipses?

yes they were scared and terrified of the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse they thought it meant bad luck

How can you make a sentence with the words lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse, with its blood red color, was viewed as a bad omen by some primitive civilizations.

When to replace spark plugs in a Astro van?

At 100,000 miles or if it is running bad or missing.At 100,000 miles or if it is running bad or missing.

Can you get new transmission for 1999 Honda Odyssey?

My 1999 Honda Odyssey transmission went bad in 2005. The dealer replaced my transmission which was still warranty.. the warranty was lengthened to 100k miles because of problems w/these transmissions

When was The Bad Beginning copyrighted?


What are the release dates for When Good Times Go Bad 2 - 1999 TV?

When Good Times Go Bad 2 - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 1999

What are the ratings and certificates for Big Bad World - 1999?

Big Bad World - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

What might cause the battery light to stay on a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

Bad Alternator, Bad Battery, loose cables

What is a bad eclipse?

Eclipses are neither good nor bad; they happen. They cause no harm to the Earth, nor to the people who live here.

Is it bad to look outside during a solar eclipse?

It is only bad to look directly at the sun. Otherwise you can go about your normal business.

1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rs has a bad catalyctic converter can it cause it not to start?

No it should not