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Is a 2004 jeep wrangler Sahara a tj or yj?

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It is a TJ, but the unlimited is called the LJ

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Yes, it should work, your body style is TJ, all TJ parts interchange.

Not without major modification, the YJ top is different than the TJ top

Will a 304 engine fit in a 1998 TJ jeep wrangler?

A regular Jeep TJ GVW is 4450 stock..

If it has square headlights and leaf spring suspension on the front end then it is a YJ

Sorry it won't fit and the body styles are different. The YJ ran from 1986-1995 and the TJ ran 1996-2006, so you need a TJ chassis.

They are in a way the same thing. The Jeep "SPORT" is a trim package of the jeep wrangler. A Jeep "TJ" Is the frame type TJ's were made from 97(produced in 96) until 2006 when they were replaced by the jeep JK. The wrangler before 1997 was the jeep YJ. Other trim packages in the 97 to 06 years where the SE, Sport, Sahara, Rubricon.

Tj was the body code from 1997-2006.

a TJ is the model designation for wranglers made from 1996-2006. the wrangler succeeded the cj in 1987 and from then till 1995 it was the wrangler YJ. the current wrangler is a JK. so 44-86=CJ 87-95=YJ 97-06=TJ 07-now=JK There wasn't a 1996 JEEP WRANGLER. The Civilian Jeep or CJ was put to pasture in 1987. The "new" jeep was born and named Wrangler. The YJ Jeep Wrangler is a smaller, lighter, and has square headlights. Jeepers of the world said "Nay!" on square headlights. Hence, after the last YJ with square headlights was created the YJ was no longer made. The TJ Jeep Wrangler is mostly the same Jeep but it has round headlights. THEY ARE INITIALS FOR WRANGLER MODELS Jeep Wrangler TJ and YJ are the initials for Wrangler models. As per the official information disclosed by Jeep, TJ and YJ don't essentially mean anything, though many of the Jeep fans strongly believe that TJ stands for "tough Jeep", YJ for "yuppie Jeep", CJ for "Civilian Jeep" so on and so forth.

The tops will not fit without modification

1997-2006 are TJ1997-2006 are TJ

Yes, the TJ went from 1997 to 2006

Any TJ style Wrangler 1997-2006 (all 96's were titled as 97's I believe)

Very few parts are interchangeable from a YJ to a TJ.

I shouldn't, 1990 is a YJ and the 97 is a TJ.

No that will not work, 05 is a TJ and 92 is a YJ

If it is bad enough, yes. However it is unlikely.

Not exactly. The body styles are different. A 1991 Jeep Wrangler is a YJ as a 1999 is a TJ. t

Jeep Wrangler YJ-TJ wheel lug patterns years 1987-2006 are 5X4.5Jeep Wrangler wheel lug patterns years 2007-2014 are 5X5

A TJ is a Wrangler they just say Wrangler because they've changed the designation from CJ to YJ to TJ. The difference for example is a YJ is 1996 and older and a TJ is newer than 1996. The model differences come when they say TJ Sport or Sahara or Rubicon (for instance)

Not much difference between the two, the year between them pretty much equals the difference out. If there is a difference in motors it may make a difference but I would say they are even.

There were 2 "green" colors for a Jeep TJ in 1998: Moss Green Pearlcoat (code RJN) and Bright Jade Satin Glow (code SQP).

No it should not fit 94 is a YJ and the 02 is a TJ

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