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Hi! The fuel doors are not the same size.

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no it will not is not the same lenght and the same height

yes, protege 5 is 01-03 yr you can fit the protege same years for i direct swap and if you want an older engine youll nee the ecu and matching harness.

No, it has motorized seat belts. The 1994 Protege is essentially the same car as the 1990 Protege, which is an economy car that cost about $10,000 new.

yes all the dx lx and es proteges have the same engine. atleast that year does

I replaced it on my 2000 protege, and it was attached to the fuel pump inside the gas tank, and it is right under the back seat. if yours is the same, you will need to turn on the car unplug the pump relay that will turn off the car, unplug your battery, and start from there

the clutch and the brakes share the same master cylinder on my 1991 protege dx 1.8 sohc

The horn fuse is the same as the stop lamp fuse

If not factory supplied R-134A, it will have to be converted to same.

Well I had a 1995 Protege but I think is on the same place. It's beehint the right corner of the front cover. You have to remove the black cover under the car to see it. Mazda hide pretty well.

It is run off of the same fuse as the engine computer.

The Protege's went through a small redesign for the 2001 model year.

the same type of oil as any car i believe ask your dealer they will know

This applies to a 2003 Mazda Protege: It depends on what type of engine you have. For the 1.6L engine, the oil dipstick is the front-passenger side area, close to the power steering reservoir. For the 2.0L engine, the dipstick is on the same side but towards the back, close to the wheel.

have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount

I had one installed on the 99 model at a shop. this is the same run line, 99-03.

The door switch is bad. I have replaced the drivers side door switch on mine for the same reason.

I am having the same problem with a 99 Protege. I have changed the alternator and aligned/cleaned the pulleys and the problem persists.I replaced the alternator, on my 1997 Mazda Protege, seven times before someone figured out why the serpentine belt kept breaking. It was the belt tensioner! It had to be removed and rebuilt. Now it is working like a charm!! And I havn't had to replace the alternator in over 3 months!!!!

As far as i know the block and head on the earlier model 626's(96-98)also the same engine,the only difference is the intake manifold(which the 2000 626 one is an upgrade for the mzdaspeed protege)and the ignition which is different than the coil-on-plug on the protege////

the high and low beam work on the same bulb... if your low beam isn't working the problem is electrical

It is the same fuse that controls the tail lights. It is at the top of the fuse box 2nd from the left. 15amp fuse.

In the trunk there should be a small cable with a tag attached to it in the same area of the fuel door, this is the emergency fuel door release

I have a 2006, but I think it's the same. You just push on one side of the door and it flips opens. The car has to be unlocked, as the fuel door locks with the car.