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Go with the Baikal. The Daly is nice but for a day of skeet it's to light. It will kick hard and a lot.

Another point of view might be, what is better for driving on the open road, a truck or a sports car? A Baikal is reputed to be a functional, durable gun, and a good value for the dollar. The Charles Daly guns will have a finer fit and finish, and more or fancier features than the Baikal. A duck or a clay pigeon won't notice a difference at all. Your budget and your taste are the factors that determine which is better for you.

In my opinion it is a complete joke to compare a Baikal to a Charles Daily or any other high quality shotgun. In my opinion, ( after having experienced owning a couple of Baikals ) the difference is as great as the east is from the west. I had many problems with my Baikals. They both malfunctioned mechanically right out of the box. Ask a competent gunsmith to give you an objective evaluation of Baikal shotguns. Although I like an aesthetically appealing gun, function concerning firearms is paramount. They simply must function properly and dependably time after time. A double gun having a single trigger requires a very sophisticated mechanism and with it a high cost as compared to other type actions. I have owned 5 cheapies - a cosmetically pretty little side by side made in Spain - it doubled, a O/U J.C. Higgins about 30 years ago - it doubled, a Fox 20 side by side (not too cheap) and it did not eject properly,a O/U Baikal - more malfunctions than I care to go into, A Baikal side by side 12 - the design caused the trigger not to work on the second barrel - the gunsmith told me it was just cheap bad design. My Browning never malfunctions - and I am confident it won't in the future. My SKB 20 ga. O/U functions flawlessly. One other thing. When we look at guns we have to remind ourselves what we really want in a gun. Personally, I like a gun with a traditional look not a Rambo military look. I like a gun to look and "feel " sleek. When I bought the Baikal O/U, I was so single track minded to buy an inexpensive double, I forgot about the qualities I wanted. It was like pointing a fence post and the balance also resembled a club. The Russians have proved that they can make fine quality guns - but not Baikal. ( personal opinion and that of my gunsmith)

A guy on another web site said he had seen more than one Baikal that could not even be assembled right out of the box. How's that for quality control?

I can not speak for the "Daly" but own a IZH27 among my many Russian weapons. I have shot at least a dozen Russian shotguns. Those who owned them and my self have never had a problem one. Say what you will about fit and finish...mine is fine for what I use it for...they shoot just as well as anything else out there. 98% of it is up to you anyway. Over 1000 rounds through my IZH27 in the last 8 months with no problem. My first year shooting clays and I am very competitive with the group of old timers I shoot with. More often than not I am in the top 3 high scorers out of 12 or more shooters. Most of these guys are using $1500-$3000 dollar guns. Baikal has earned respect at the 3 ranges I shoot at. For skeet, I'd recommend the 26" barrel vs the 28". If you plan on participating in other clay sports or using it in the field, stick with the 28". Also, just from a cleaning stand point, I'd opt not to get the ported version again...although the ports do lessen felt recoil.

ANSWERFirst off, are you comparing two different types of shotguns? Do you mean the Charles Daly Field Hunter semi auto shotgun? If so, the semi-auto Charles Daly's aren't of the same quality as the Charles Daly double guns. They aren't even made in the same country! I have seen lots of Charles Daly semi's and pumps for sale very cheaply in LIKE NEW condition! ASk why? Buyers are very disappointed! Charles Daly USED to be a good quality firearm. They outsource everything now. Even their hanguns are made by several different manufacturers in different countries. Quality countrol is all over the place. I believe their double guns are made in SPAIN now, but semi's are made in Turkey. The Turks make a VERY good double gun, but semi's are suspect in quality. The Russian's have always made their guns strong and heavy! They never made a good looking gun as far as PRETTY goes, but traditionally they make guns that are hard to break!I want to question the one person's response about owning several Baikal's and never getting a good one, but you never have problems with your top end gun? I think you sound just like every other elitest shotgun owner out there! You never really owned a Baikal, but you know nobody will listen to your opinion unless you say you have owned one and had troubles with it If you had such bad luck, why on earth did you keep trying them? You sound like the elitest snob who cannot accept that Baikal owners got just as good of a gun functionality-wise as you did for less than $400!Go with the Baikal!!! Remington thinks they're good enough to make the same gun with their name on it! Spartan!!!

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Q: Is a Baikal IZH27 or Charles Daly Field Hunter better for skeet shooting?
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